Newbie questions about the Uniti Star

I’ve just taken delivery of a Uniti Star and am loving pretty much everything about it but am also getting stuck on what may prove to be really simple questions. I hope none of these have been done to death already (I have searched for answers already) but I’d be really grateful for any help or pointers anyone can give:

  1. is it possible to display cover art and track listings for a CD you’re playing? I’ve heard two opposite views on this. Naim technical support suggested I re-set up the Uniti Star which would then enable this. My dealer said it wasn’t possible. Setting up from scratch hasn’t solved it. Should be easy IMHO as the metadata is obtained whenever a CD is ripped.

  2. ** Is there a way to index artists such that prefixes like ‘a’ or ‘the’ aren’t indexed?** I’m hoping that I don’t have to trawl to ‘T’ to find ‘The Beatles’ or ‘The Beach Boys’. Long winded solution would be to manually edit metadata for artist on every CD but I might lose the will to live!

  3. Has anyone got any tips on handling metadata for ripped CDs? I used to use programs like ‘Tune Up’ on my Mac to ensure all metadata in iTunes was correct and present (including genre etc). Is there something similar people recommend or does everybody deal with metadata on an album by album basis and edit manually?

That’s the lot for now but I’m sure I’ll be back with more as I spend more time with the Star. Thanks in advance for any assistance offered. Meanwhile, it’s back to the joy of rediscovering a music collection…

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Hi, the way Naim servers work is that band names starting The… are listed under T, so unless you only ever listen to music by The The, I’m afraid you’re stuck with it.
When you rip CDs on a Naim ripper, you need to use only the Naim app editing facility. If you use third party software to make changes, you risk messing up the whole database.
Realistically, if you want to avoid these two issues, the best option is to use a computer to rip, store and serve your music library.

Thanks for such a swift response. TBH, it’s not insurmountable given everything is searchable but I’ve always been a bit OC about indexing! On which note, did you know which Tyler led the pedants’ revolt?


As we’re talking about the pedant’s revolt, I think you’ll find there’s no H.

Theres only 1 ‘a’ as well but it was written as an exclamation and you forgot to quote the !

Question 1, you can certainly do that on the Naim app but I’m not sure where you want this displayed. Do you mean on the Star display?

Hi. Yes, I’m hoping the cd cover can be shown on the Star display. Is that possible?

Thanks for responding.

Question 2. Are you using upnp? Dbpoweramp asset has ‘smart indexing’ which takes account of stuff like ‘The’ in the name and will show eg. The Beatles alongside Beatles.

Yes the cover can be shown on a Star. Use Mp3tag to add missing covers. Select all tracks before saving

I’m not yet using UPnP but it looks like that would help so I’ll start looking into it. Thanks for the help.

Thanks. I’ll look into MP3tag. Thanks for the suggestion.

Unless I am very much mistaken (which is highly likely) the Star can display cover art from ripped CDs stored on attached USB drive/SD card (which can be edited in the app), but not when playing a CD directly from the player?

I would assume so, as the online lookup would be initiated by the ripping process.

Not if you’re playing a cd, But yes if you’ve ripped it. Cd’s usually have the image stored on the disk. If not the online database should pick it up,
I’ve also used Mp3tag to add the cover photo. Google the album in images,store as image.jpg. Then import through Mp3tag. Make sure you select all the tracks before you save. Otherwise only some tracks will show the cover.hope that helps.
Reset the music database in the app afterwards you’ve done a few.
Hope that helps

I didn’t think CDs contained album art or indeed any metadata, and that it was all looked up on line. Then again, they must include something or the ripping software wouldn’t know what the disc was. Hmm.

it would have been a nice touch if the star pulled the cd artwork from online but I suspect it wont

I think (and you know what that means) that all they have is an id reference number.

Yes, that makes sense. I’d imagined it must be something like that. Very new or very rare discs won’t get metadata which presumably is because the reference is not in a database.

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