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I’ve just picked up a version 1 Unitiqute. Can I use any speaker cable with it or do I need to stick to Naim protocol? In a forum search I read that the “newer” amps no longer need speaker cables with specific specs. I already own two pair of cables so not having to buy another would be great : ))

This will actually be my first foray into digital (other than car CD) after 30 years of a vinyl-only system. Looking forward to it once the Unitiqute comes back from service for a new screen display.

Thanks for any insight you can share!


Like the related NAIT 5i, the power amp section of the UQ is a bit more tolerant of different speaker cables compared to the regular power amps, so as long as you don’t use a cable that’s high in capacitance an/or low in inductance, you should be fine, although for best results you’re still best off sticking to Naim guidelines. Which speaker cables were you considering using with the Unitiqute?

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…if you do decide to go with the NAIM NAC A5 speaker cable you may want to check with local dealers in your area to see if they have a used pair in stock. At times they can be picked up at a very reasonable price.

Welcome and good luck with getting it all sorted out…

Thank you Richard much appreciated! They are Isoda, well-regarded vintage cable from a Japanese artisan (not to be confused with Townshend Isolda). Don’t think there’s any specs available. I have single-driver speakers and they work quite well with them. I’m thinking I could try them and just check and make sure that the Unitiqute doesn’t get too hot. I’m not opposed to getting another set, just wanted to clarify options.

My plan is to run the UQ as a part of my main SET system, by running a second set of cables with banana plugs to my speakers and switching them out whenever I want to stream vs. play vinyl. Or I could use the UQ pre-out and run it through my Wavelength 300B amp : )) Seems like some interesting options to explore streaming for the first time at a reasonable cost.

Happy to be here thanks!

Welcome. Good taste. ( I have the v2 UQ2 , so I’m bias). :sweat_smile:

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