Newbie with oldie nac72, nap140, epos es14

Hi folks,

just introducing myself. I have recently got my hands on the above … nac72, nap140 and epos es14. So far so good. First, I’ll need mm phono card. Any advice on where to locate a recently serviced one? Second, I’m based in Ireland. Anyone servicing Naim here or am I looking at uk.

Finally, delighted to get my hands on this system. Bought it from a caring audiophile/enthusiast. Started my journey in 2000 with a Nad system and always considered Naim out of reach (family, kids, finance, etc). Hadn’t intended to go for older models but it all sounded so damn good I couldn’t resist.


You could try dealers as they are easily posted. A well know auction site can be a good source too.

For servicing Darran at Class A will service the phono boards if needed.

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Well done, 72/140 is lovely. I’ve the same at 2 metre distance from me. A hicap makes a positive difference though.

I got mm (322) phonocards by giving rings to UK dealers. That’s how I got my 72/140 too by the way.

What speakers are you using?

From the Op’s post, these are Epos ES 14s, a terrific speaker

Thanks for the replies. Sourced NA322/2 MM Phono Boards so hopefully they will do the job. I’ll look into a HiCap down the line. Interesting to hear they make a big difference. A bigger, bolder sound, more finesse, detail?

The next job will be to see how the Epos es14’s fare. The rubber seals around the woofer are known to dry up and become brittle over the years. This, apparently, has a big impact on the sound. They sounded great when listening to them before buying. Classical and jazz sounded very open and rich although I could hear the limits when playing low frequency Jon Hopkins material. To be expected I guess. I’ll try and source a good speaker guy in Ireland (Hifi Hospital?) but may well be looking further afield (I spotted a Dutch company selling replacement rubber bands for es14s) for someone to do a good service. Recommendations wecome.

Many thanks,

Unfortunately the mid/bass driver surrounds do eventually start to perish. I’ve noticed this recently on my own pair that I use in my office. Very tiny little cracks have begun to appear on the edge - only visible if you look very closely in a very good light, but concerning all the same.

I may well make the most of them before they finally wither and die. Hopefully, I’ll get a few years from them. I think I read that the Epos name has been bought over and a new range will be in the offing. That could be interesting. Great forum by the way.

@Darran at Class A can service EVERYTHING… :grin:

Hi folks,

Two issues have arisen with nac 72 /nap 140 as I look to hook it up to a turntable.

First, bought phono cards online (Naim NA322/2, MM Phono Boards) and when installing realized that the 4 connectors are not compatible with those on the nac72. In short, the ones on the nac are like a sword expecting a sheath to come down on it. The connectors on the phono boards are twin pronged and should fit with connectors as a cowboy on a horse (legs out each side). I could try a short term fix but think it best not to mess around. I’ve contacted Darren at Class A following advice above.

The second one is to do with connecting to a Rega P8 which I am intending to purchase. I tried hooking the system up to my rega p3 (short term and to hear what vinyl sounds like through system) and I’ve come across a BNC/RCA problem. Other advice on the forum suggests I should 'get BNC’s fitted to your Rega deck - and not change the BNC’s to Phono on the 72. BNC’s are just … better. More…Naim’. This sounds like good advice. Can this be done as part of the purchase or am I looking at getting this done after the sale? Am I mising anything?

Again any advice welcome.

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Those NA322/2s are early-style knife edge boards - they were probably specced like that for use in the NAC12. They’re not so easy to find these days so I would sell them on or trade them for a regular set of NA322s, preferably later ones, NA322/4 being the final issue.

I’m not sure whether Rega can fit BNCs during production - probably something that your dealer should fit. However, the cable used may not lend itself easily to having BNCs fitted. The alternative would be to have the BNCs on the NAC72 changed to a good quality RCA Phono such as the WBTs that Naim use. Darran at Class A should be able to oblige here. Keep the BNCs so they can be refitted at a later date, if need be.

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