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I have a pair of B&W 804s D3 and was looking at using a 250 Amp and 282 Pre is this a good combo?
The 250 looks to put out 80 Amps where My Krell integrated puts out 200 is there enough power in the 250? I thought I read somewhere the out puts of Naim work differently.

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Sorry, I cannot help with your specific question but yes, Naim watts are a fair bit beefier than most. There are some people who have B&W speakers on here who I am sure will be able to give some insights on whether your speakers can be properly driven by a 250 or 282.

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I can’t really add anything too specific either but I did drive a pair of B&W 803S speakers with an olive 250 for many years and never felt that it was lacking power.

If you do go down the 282/250 route you will also need a power supply (Hicap or Supercap) to power the 282.

Hopefully some more targeted advice will follow…

You’ll also need a HiCap power supply to power the 282 pre.

The simple power rating of the Naim amps doesn’t tell the whole story, particularly with the 250 and up. These are regulated amps, so unlike most when the power demand is at it’s greatest, the power supply output doesn’t ‘sag’, so that they present transients better without ‘softening’ them. (Even the unregulated amps use a stronger power supply than is used by most manufacturers.) For this reason with Naim you don’t need an amp with such high ‘headline’ power rating, and you can still get better sound out.

The best way to find out if you like the combination of the Naim amp and the rest of your system is to try to audition them (actually auditioning the Naim electronics in your own home is the only way to be truly certain that the complete combination of components and cables will work for you).

Krell usually double its watts from 8 to 4 ohm. From its stiff power supply giving 400 Watts into 4 ohm. Only their huge mono amps go further doubling again into 2 and 1 ohm loudspeaker loads, whereas your integrated most probably has a limiter within it putting out 150 watts at 1 ohm to prevent it blowing up. :grinning:

The naim 250dr puts out 93 watts into 8 ohm, 163 watts into 4 ohm, 265 watts into 2 ohm and a whopping 345 watts into 1 ohm. Enough to render most loudspeakers to acquiesce

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I run the earlier model, the 804S, powered by earlier Naim power-amps, the 135 monoblocs, similar power rating at 75W into nominal 8ohm load. My dealer commented when he was round for a home demo recently that he’d never heard 800 series so well controlled. I’d expect the 250 to do a pretty good job on the D3s.

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