Newby question about old hicap nap 250 setup

Hello everybody,
Nwe to the forum and hifi in general.
I have an old Naim setup Olive hi cap and 250 amp.
I have this setup for 5 years and looking to improve to the max. Would a recap improve sound and bass response ? In comparison to my newer amp, I find the sound a little bit dull and lacking response…

Thank you for your kind input

A full service, done by Naim or a Naim approved servicer, should certainly get both items back to performing as good as new. A Hicap in need of a service tends to make the pre-amp sound a bit slow and leaden. With a NAP250, being a fully regulated amplifier, servicing every 10 years or so is a must as performance drops off sharply once components begin to drift out of spec.

n.b. Note that a full service is much more than just a “re-cap”.


FWIW, I had my olive Hicap and 250 serviced a few years ago - after over 15 years. It was only after they came back that it was obvious how needed it had gradually become - they were cleaner, more dynamic, not increasingly dull at low volume or a bit scratchy at properly high volume.

What’s the rest of the system?


Thank tou for your response. Yes, I guess this setup has not been services for at least 15 years ( if not more) I guess, I should hear a big difference after a complete service. I live in Luxembourg and I think the nearest service centrr would be netherlands? Anybody an address?
By the way , what should be done for servicing such a unit? Do you think it is worth doing, compared to what new amps offer for the money?

Great to hear… exactly what I expect

I have a Linn LP12 ( just fulky restored by authorized dealer) and proac bookshelves… bit willing to upgrade to flooringstanding speakers ( suggestions welcome :grin:)

Which preamp?


Definitely worth doing. Contact Latham Audio.


Definitely service your Nap and Hicap. You have a very good system and will be happy with the results.

thank you very much. I just contacted them

Here is my Naim Setup :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a great system. Out-performing the good-as-new version of those that you will get after a service would mean spending a packet - and a lot more than the cost of the service.


By the way, could anybody give me a rough estimation ( based on experience) of the budget needed for such a service?

Go for £800 for a service of all three.


Thank you for the info
I think it should be worth it :+1:

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It will be.


Just another question, concerning my setup: I will be moving to a new house shortly and speakers will be 15 meters away from the amp. I understand from what I have read here that this is a good thing? But, only if you use the right cable (naim ac5?)… I initially planned on buying standart speaker cable, as I will not have the budget for 15 meters of AC5… will it really hurt the sound ? Could I even harm the amp? The cable I am i stalling is audioquest split sb 16/2…

The recommendation for NACA5 is 3.5m minimum, 5 to 10m optimum. The figures for most other cables is likely to be higher.

15 meters of NACA5 will sound great. Naim recommend up to 20m. If you can’t afford NACA5 then best go for something of similar low capacitance/moderately high inductance. The Audioquest SLiP cable you mention is referred to by the manufacturer as having a “low-Inductance Spiral Geometry” which sounds like it’s likely far from ideal for your NAP250.


Richard is giving you very good advise, I think that you will be surprised how good your system will sound if you get your pre, power and Hi-cap serviced, and purchase Naim NacA5 Speaker cable, your sound will come alive.

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Thank you for your help.
Well, I guess I need to save for a big budget in cables then :frowning: