Newby question about QB

Taking my first steps into wireless streaming so please forgive a basic question.

I’m storing my music files on a WD Mybook and playing them through JRiver on a Macbook to a Maranz amp and Kef speakers. DAC is a Chord Mojo.

I’m leaning towards buying a Muso QB for the kitchen, but will I need any other kit to stream wirelessly from the setup I’ve just described? For example, will I need a NAS?

I’ve done a fair bit of research into this (and am probably overthinking it – not for the first time!) but haven’t found the answer to this.

On our Imac the Muso 2 shows in the speaker icon, so you can use that option. If thats my understanding of your query!

Hi, you really want a decent UPnP server running on either a NAS or your Mac. This will find your music folder and serve it to the QB. The server does not have to run on the same device that stores your music, it just needs to be on the same network. I’m not familiar with JRiver, but I believe it is supposed to have UPnP capability. If you can’t get it working, tried and tested UPnP servers that are known to work well with music are Asset or Minimserver.
Alternatively you can use Airplay which you may find earier to set up.

What you already have will be fine - go for it.

Thanks for the responses. JRiver does have UPnP, but not Airplay. Is a UPnP server something I would have to install on the Mac or would it already be there?

If the JRiver version of a UPnP server works, you’re already sorted. If not, you can run a server such as Asset on your Mac, or on a suitable NAS.
As you have a Mac, you can allow Apple Music to play the files you have stored on it, and select the Muso from within the Music app.

Jriver will work perfectly with all naim streaming components. You can use jriver itself to play to the qb, or jremote if you have that app already, or use the naim app.

Thanks everyone for being so helpful. Here goes!

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