Respectfully, if they did set it up on your racks as pictured then you were not served well. For the coin you spent, they should have done a better job and IMV ‘insisted’ on better kit support. Trust me, proper support delivers bang for buck.

The way the kit is stacked in the picture (and that’s before we get to look at the cabling) is highly sub-optimal. I’m in no way suggesting the newer kit isn’t better - it just saddens many of us to see pics like this, when dealers have been involved.


I have two friends here Stateside who run Vivaldi clocks. Both agree it is definitely superior to the Rossini clock. For now I am happy with my Rossini Clock however…who knows what the future may bring.

My 552/500 were recapped and DR’d two years ago. Eventually I would like to move to a single box integrated. Three more friends here have moved on from their 500 systems - two went to Avik while the other went to Tidal. Another friend abandoned his Naim system and runs a Rossini, pre, and active ATC’s. Eventually I will get around to joining them - box fatigue after all these years.

Statement integrated anyone??? Unfortunately I think it may be wishful thinking.


Andy - congrats on the system. My APEX upgrade is scheduled for next month. Preparing to fasten the seatbelt


Interesting reading. I’m just surprised that in these crazy expensive systems no one mentions their AC power. If I was going to spend big I’d start with power. Maybe a couple of dedicated circuits Furutech or Oyaide outlets. Then a Shunyata Everest plc, then a brace of Shunyata Sigma V2 power cord’s that’s a massive upgrade!


That is another reason to move away from NAIM - it is far more sensitive to siting than most other kit. With regard to your comment on the dealer, it is ultimately the customer (me in this case) who chooses which rack they buy/use. I am happy with mine, and am not changing it. There is just too much rubbish spoken about racks. People saying they can hear significant difference between Rack A and Rack B. It’s utter nonsense IMV.


Indeed, I think the tide is rapidly going out on hi-fi that needs you to change or adapt your listening room in order for it to sound its best.

It seems you have now a system you are very happy with that fits in fully with your environment.

However I would agree with posters that suggest that you were not hearing your system at its optimal from the way it was set up – it’s not necessarily the rack you use it is the proximity of power supply to head unit. However I have no doubt your current system will possibly sound better than even a well set up Naim system and certainly it suits you better.

Enjoy it for many years to come.



Thanks for the post Andy and congrats on your new system! I was actually in a similar situation not too long ago and had on loan the same integrated from D’Agostino and was thinking about the same move to a DCS. I gave it a good try but couldn’t get on with it as I did so much with the Naim system I currently have.

My real motivation was less boxes, cables, etc.

I now have a 500 replacing my 300 in the next 7-10 days and my 555PS was just DR’d and on the way back. One of the lucky few to get in I guess before the change away from the upgrade. Enjoy your new kit! One of the reasons I like hi-fi so much is that everyone has their own opinions on gear but our goal is all the same, enjoying the music!


I am utterly surprised that you have found something sounds better than Linn (and Naim)? Is there such a thing in this world? :slight_smile:

Anyway, joking aside, I wonder if you’ve tried the optical ethernet into the Linn Organik DAC? You would be surprised, I was. It brings the Linn network streamer to another level.


I agree Andy, I had a full Fraim with my old 272/Xpsdr/250 DR and to me it was maybe a 5% increase over the gear sitting on the floor and a coffee table.
That was what I convinced myself anyway to justify what it cost.
I too have moved on to a Nagra integrated, and have just made a deal to purchase a Lumin P1.
Two boxes and no expensive rack to sit them on.:grin:
Enjoy your new gear.


Hi yellow-banana, I just made a purchase of a Lumin P1 streamer/Dac which also has an optical Ethernet port built in.
I plan to give both Ethernet inputs a try, but from what I have been reading, optical is the usual choice on the Lumin.
I think I just need one of those SFP modules and the cable to get me going.
Any idea if a Cisco 2960 will accept the sfp module?

A Cisco 2960 will work fine, I used these with my

Or you can go with the TP-Link

Personally, I prefer the TP-Link


Excellent thanks yellow- banana, that should make things easier for me.
By the way my Cisco is the 2960-8 tc I believe.


I would suggest you talk to Peter Lie (the Firmware Lead of LUMIN Network Music Player), he is very responsive and helpful. I was in touch with him many times before I settled down with the Linn streamer.

PS: You can find his private email thru your Lumin dealer or via the Roon forum.


Yeah I have seen him posting on a couple of forums I am a member of. (Audio shark and Audiophile style).
Seems to be really helpful when anyone has questions.

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Great to see someone else willing to try something with an open mind. If your domestic circumstances don’t accommodate the fussy set up asked of by Naim then coming to the conclusion Naim is not for you is perfectly understandable. I wouldn’t change my lifestyle for hifi, hifi has to fit my lifestyle. You have clearly put thought and time into this, auditioned alternatives and found some of Naim’s best kit has been bettered or just doesn’t suit your circumstances - sounds fair enough to me!


No commercial links in the HiFi corner please, thanks.

Got it, apologies.

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Changing to something else is the best solution for you. Naim plays to Naim rules not yours so if you can’t accommodate them you’re better off looking elsewhere. There’s plenty of choice and some can be very good indeed.


Interesting that the one thing you didn’t try changing was the speakers (even thought Kudos are knows to tune their speakers with a fairly ‘hot’ top end).

However you’ve found a system you like and that’s the most important point. :smile:


Kudos titan do not have a «hot» top end in my opinion.
Not in my system at least.


I only have 2 non naim sources. Thought of getting rid of all the boxes a few months ago last year. The overall result is quite ok i would say. So unless its another WAF issue then i will keep what i have. Glad that you have found what you are looking for but it came at a big cost though…