Next black box: XPS-DR or SuperCap DR

Since recently joining the Forum, I have upgraded my original system of SN2/CDX2/HCDR to 282/CDX2/HCDR/250DR. First went to the 282 and was blown away, super happy with it. Then added the 250 and certainly heard the difference and again pleased with spending the cash.

Now seems like to two box upgrades coming fourth would be XPSDR and/or SCDR.

I have read through a lot of posts, trying to get a feel for which one would be first, and if I was to only get one, how to choose. What differences (or similarities) could I expect. I am not changing any cabling or speakers till the black box shell game is done, so I make sure I am hearing changes specific to the boxes. Would like to hear from anyone with a similar path.

If you have multiple sources I would get the SCDR for the 282, since that will improve everything. If you have just the one – CDX2 – then I would get the XPSDR as it’s closer to making a source improvement.


Thanks for the reply. So does that mean if I add a SCDR into the system, the XPSDR would be unnecessary, redundant?

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you could also add a second HCDR to the 282 and an XPSDR for the CDX2

in my opinion XPSDR improves a lot the CDX2
while perhaps the supercap is redundant for 282


I disagree the SCDR is redundant for the 282. I had a 282 and the upgrade from a HCDR to a SCDR was very substantial.

They power different components so the use of one does not make the other redundant. Essentially the SC powers analogue (pre amps, etc.) and the XPS digital products (CDP, Streamer, etc.). Only mixed one as far as I am aware is the 272 with is a streaming pre amp that uses the XPS though I am not sure what the XPS powers in that instance. So you can add both - and both should make a difference in my experience.

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No, the two upgrades are independent. You can do both for even greater benefit.

Also, if you get a SCDR, that makes it that much easier if you ever want to upgrade from a 282 to a 252, since you’ll already have the required PSU.

Conventional wisdom would say XPSDR first, then a 2nd HCDR (or SCDR) for the 282. If I were in your shoes though I’d source a pre-loved 555PS DR for the CDX2…

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Thanks Svetty, I am not familiar with the 555PS DR, can you describe the benefits of this as you see it? Thx. Jd

I agree
I meant that adding a second HCDR to the 282 can already be a great improvement while the supercap takes full advantage of it with a 252

I found the 555PS took my CDX2 to a whole new level. Much more refined, textured and less frenetic. I used a non-DR unit back then - these are cheaper if you can source one but would likely need a service by now. The XPS is obviously a good improvement on the bare CDX2 but not as transformative as the 555.

conventional approach with NAIM is always source first - I used CDX2/XPS (pre DR) it really added to the music and that was with 282/HCDR

in saying that adding SCDR to the 282 takes the 282 onto a whole new level which I also did pre moving to my current 252

if you can demo both and then see which one feels the best musical upgrade to you both will add music but it which one your prefer on your journey

When I had a 282 I considered adding a second HCDR, but there were enough people here who said that really wasn’t very good bang for the buck. It just doesn’t give enough lift for the expense. I sold the HCDR I had and got a SCDR. I think that was great value for money. I did move on to a 252 and I might not have been able to at the time if I didn’t already have the SCDR.


One thing to consider is your physical setup. If you go for XPS/DR then you will also need the very thick Burndy cable, which apparently is very sensitive such that it mustn’t touch other cables or the floor - your setup may make this awkward.

FUD… :roll_eyes:

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I have… 82-HC-HC-250 with CDX2-XPS.

I would recommend you get an XPS.

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FWIW - I upgraded my NDX 2 with a XPS DR first going with the source first philosphy and found it to be a positive upgrade. I recently upgraded from a HiCapDR to SuperCapDR and have found it to be beneficial as well.

I am very happy with the order that I approached the upgrades. With that said having used the search feature over the years I have found that many members have upgraded in the opposite order and were happy as well with their decision.

Best to demo both if you can one at a time and see which gives you the best result for your system, your room, your ears. Very subjective and possibly no wrong answer since we all have differences in our system components, room layout/size and hearing capabilities.

Good luck with your decision.

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If you just have the one source in CDX2 I would add the XPSDR to that. When I added XPS2 to my CDX the uplift
in sound was significant. A SCDR won’t be fully utilized on a 282 so I’d delay or even skip that step and upgrade the pre-amp.


I’d also recommend a 555PS on the CDX2, without dismissing the SC for the 282. Get yourself off to a dealer and have a listen if you can.

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XPS dr first. It will uplift the Cdx2 to a whole new level. The Supercap dr on 282 is not always preferred to hicap dr for 282. And the uplift will not be so transformative.