Next step advice for newbie

Hey, so I’m new to the forum after having referred to it as a viewer during my recent search for my first “proper” HiFi system.

I took the plunge and have:
Uniti Nova, PMC Twenty5:24, Rega P3 with stock cartridge, Rega Fono MM - all connected via Chord Shawline and the Nova is powered via a Chord Shawline Power.

I’m blown away by the system and feel that after around 100 hours of listening it is run in - certainly the speakers sound 10x better than when they arrived, and they were incredible then.

I chose Shawline as it’s known to emphasise the mids, and with the Nova being so clean and flat but 24’s being a little light in the mids - this seemed logical and for sure I am very happy.

I guess I’m seeking advice on what my next step should be in terms of upgrade.

I’m leaning towards a Neo power supply for the P3 along with a white belt. And then stepping up to a better cartridge . . .

Any suggestions and input very welcome!

(Clearly I will step up to separates in time - plan is that I wanna make this system song and enjoy it for a year or two first!)

For 1,5 k, you can have an ex demo Rp8. I would think twice before investing first in a neo ps and better cart for the P3.

I think your idea is fine. Don’t let others write checks from your wallet! Enjoy what you have for a while. The UpgradeTrain makes frequent stops, you won’t miss it when you’re ready.

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If your using the Ely’s cart, I’d upgrade that along with the belt and enjoy your deck until your ready for a serious turntable upgrade. P3 can take a much better cartridge. Give neo a miss!


Congrats on your setup. It’s a great system.

As you’ve mentioned that you’re blown away, I would strongly advise, live with it and enjoy it.

If you are already contemplating the next step before you’ve even taken the time to enjoy this setup, then you may never really be truly satisfied. Take it from me, I’ve sold an inexpensive setup for a more expensive one, only to realise it didn’t bring me the joy that I already had from my previous setup.


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