Next step. Which path to follow?

I’m wondering whether any fellow readers have experience of mains power plant regenerators as a potential upgrade path. I have a Naim CDS3/Highline/XPS2/Nac252/SuperCap/Nap250/Nac5 driving a pair of nearly new Focal Kanta No.1’s in my modestly sized room. I love the system, but am intrigued how far the CDS3 performance might benefit from;

Changing the XPS2 to an XPS2 DR; probably the nett cost would be around £1,000
Adding a power plant regeneration (a well regarded PS Audio model around the £2,000 mark) for the XPS. It seems that the power plant might also be able to support the SuperCap.
Saving hard (and long) and looking for a 555PS DR to replace the XPS2

Observations and/or first hand experience input warmly welcomed. Thank you.

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There is another new thread about the effects of 555 vs XPS open right now. As for what next - no interest in streaming?

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I have an NDX in the system, but rarely listen to it owing to a lack of time. My treat is enjoying selecting a CD and sitting down to really listen.

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I have a 555PS with my NDS and an XPS2 with my CDS3.

The CDS3 sounds more detailed and dynamic with the 555PS.

If you can afford it then that is my upgrade I would go for.

I am leaving my 555PS on the NDS as I use it more than the CDS3 which still sounds great with the XPS2.

I’m really not sure the power plant idea will work. Can you demo first?

I see, I just thought this might be a worthwhile option maybe. By the way, there is also a current thread about xps dr vs non-dr, and lots of threads about power conditioning. Just saying, because contributors to these threads might not want to repeat their posts here, and you may find helpful info in the other threads

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Just listening to Pink Floyd Meddle album on my CDS3 with XPS2 and it sounds awesome!

I sometimes do a comparison with the NDS with 555PS to see what I prefer.

I like them both in different ways.

NDS has the edge but I enjoy putting CDs on as well!

Thank you. I will try and take a listen through a PS Audio P3 to see where it takes the music in terms of a value for money upgrade.

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