Next steps?

Have just got my Naim Dac v1 and Naim Atom back from Naim.
Now I have come to the conclusion that I have too much Naim stuff and need to rationalise the living room and bedroom systems.

I have the following

Naim Atom
Naim DAC V1 used with Sonore MicroRendu
Naim NAP 250
Naim Nac 92
Naim Flatcap
Naim NAP 90
Turntable with Tricord Dino with never connect PSU
I recently acquired a Quadraspire rack with 8 shelves at a steal of a price. Still feeling guilty over that one.

So here’s the question…

Do I start a transition to a streamer and pre/power amp solution, so either via DAC into a pre using the Flatcap and. 250 or using the Atom as a streamer into a pre/power combination.

How does a Flatcap/92 sound compared to an Atom?

Which preamp should I go for? Either new or used?

Anyone got experience of the Naim Dac v1 compared with the Atom?
I have no plans to change the turntable or Phono amp.

Keep the Atom for the bedroom system then sell everything else bar the 250 and buy a 272.

My only concern is that the 272 is five years old and I would be buying into soon to be discontinued tech. I also use Roon, sorry should have mentioned that.
The bedroom system doesn’t get used enough to warrant keeping the Atom for that so happy to go down to one system.

What sort of SQ level do you aspire? Fill up your 8 shelves of Qudraspire?

You might get a pre-loved 272 for a very good price, and then use the Sonore to roonify the 272.

I hadn’t considered the 272 but that is a great idea to use the Microrendu to make it Roon ready.

Which is the upgrade PSU that this uses?

The usual options are either an XPSDR or a 555PS. The XPS seems to attract comments from ‘meh’ to very worthwhile; the 555 is almost universally praised as a significant and worthwhile upgrade. Its cost reflects that.

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