Next update … prefix to superline?

Don’t know about “Radio Moscow” but I do occasionally pick up what sounds like very faint and fading French or Spanish radio. Not a problem though - I don’t bother with capacitive plug.

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I would guess so, but probably worthwhile to confirm with Naim. It would likely need to be returned to the factory.

Headroom here refers to overload limits.

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Hard choice… could get a good one for 2k€. But it is the standard one. Or is eventually getting a new E version the better choice?
The standard version is very common, so it must also be a good choice for different carts.
I am now using the prefix s and it works fine with my Benz.

I would echo FangfossFlyer’s comments about the Supercap. I originally used Superline with either Aux 2 out of the 252 or from a spare HiCap, preferring Aux2. The switch to Supercap with a Burndy was substantial though. I have yet to DR this Supercap so presumably more delights await. More than happy with it as it is though. The Superline is a great phono.

Yes… I very much think the superline will be super in line :o)
But should I take the near new for 2k or an E version for the the list price.
I tend to the used one - it is run in :slight_smile: but if E is more flexible?
Also have to guy a Burndy.
Used the superline Burndy is really hard to get.

Superline Burndy = SNAXO Burndy.

Ok… can I also take the Burndy 18.
Found Burndy with we and 18 pins.
Is there a specific 17 pin Burndy for SL and Snaxo?

Any further thougts or a push on the E or not to E question? :wink:

You want the 17 pin Burndy that says SNAXO on the collar.

Thanks - and this one is the rare one. Have to buy a new - no problem, but needs to burn in… :slight_smile:

I am a few seconds away from buying SL.
Can anyone confirm that if needed, the SL can be changed to E version.

Too bad that I had not found anything in the net of Benz wood (0,4mv) with SL.

I had the Radio Moscow problem with my superline. Tried various earthing arrangements including earthing the steel frame of my rack but nothing helped except a capacitive plug, 470pF was my final choice. Then I replaced the Target rack with Fraim and no more Radio Moscow.
With some cartridges I still use either a 1nF or the 470pF plug but I settle the resistive loading first.
0.4mV is towards the upper limit for a standard superline I’d say, I’ve never gone above 0.3mV.

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Only mention I could find was this.

which would suggest 1kΩ is a good starting point but not confirmed on a superline.

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That’s what makes me stumble in decision. 0,4mv is not on the very low end.
But runs perfect with prefix s, which is the low output variant.
Should it therefore also work excellent with the low output superline?

Makes me think about an update in cartridge as well. Benz ruby has only 0,34 mv. Slightly lower…

0.4mV should be fine with the regular Superline. If it were 0.5mV though I’d probably lean towards the E version.

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Thanks… I am looking through our German forums the whole day.
As now I am also thinking about a cart update as well… Benz Ruby…, I would like to know, how it works with the customized plugs.
Can I get any „Ohm plug“ I want (under 10k Ohm)?
The Ruby’s from Benz need high values from 2,2 to 4,7 kohm I have been told.
Is it possible to get such „high Ohm plugs“ for superline?

The Superline presents a 10K ohm load by default (i.e. with no load plug fitted). A 1k ohm load plug is one of the included plugs, but if you want anything in between you would have to make a custom plug - a dealer familiar with such things should be able to make up something suitable, or you could do it yourself if you’re handy with a soldering iron.

Thanks - if a dealer can do and there is no limitation, that’s fine. So I can tell my dealer to customize a 2,2 and 4,7 kohm plug. That’s fine :slight_smile:

Had some strange moments yesterday.

Bought superline and Burndy at my Naim dealer (was nice to see him again after lockdowns)
After installing g both I sadly have no wow moment:

  1. there is more hum than with prefix. Even with SL far away from everything (esp. SPU) there is a noticeable hum which appears, when I switch on the DAC. No such thing with prefix.

  2. the SL is much „louder“. With prefix s I the listening volume is around 9 o clock sometimes more.
    With SL it is max. 8 o clock. This makes dosing of volume very difficult. My Benz wood has 0,4mv output.
    Would that be the issue E vs standard? Would E be the „less volume output version“?

  3. I am not clicked in with the sound. There is more detail, transparency… but the bass is really reduced, witch is critical in my room. I also miss depth of soundstage and think it is sometimes a bit harsh in higher frequencies. All more analytics but less music
    The prefix has this earthy sound which I love - more mids, but maybe less detail.
    Could this all depend on Burndy being brand new and the unused regulators of the supercap (had it on prefix) need break in. SL is ex demo and could have paused during corona.

I very very much like to give it a chance!

Any thoughts or ideas from your side?

Re. Question 2, yes the Superline will seem louder as it has more gain. The Superline E will be slightly less loud as the gain is a little bit lower.

A new Burndy and Supercap will definitely need care in installation and time to run in.

I know what you mean about the “earthy” quality of the Prefix, however the Superline should definitely take you much further and with no loss of bass.

The noise caused by your DAC is a concern. My Superline is silent even when the Naim DAC is on. They are far apart though.

Have you experimented with the load plugs and capacitance?

I can only contribute the info that mine very silent (much more silent than the MC input of the Rega Aria that I had before). And its output volume is lower than the Aria (which was not much lower than the digital sources)