Next Upgrade - 272 + 150X

Been running the above system for a short while and really enjoying it, but thoughts already turning to the next step up in SQ. Two boxes on the shortlist but can’t do both at once so would appreciate your thoughts on which should come first and whether there is anything else I should be considering.

  1. NAP 250
  2. XPS

Above would have to be non DR at this stage, upgrading to DR further down the line.

I realise some might think I should wait and save up for the DR models but I quite enjoy wheeling and dealing and getting a good deal to keep cost of ownership low. End game system would be something like 272/300DR/555DR but that’s some way off and happy to take lots of small steps getting there. Cheers

What are your sources and your speakers? It also may help to update that information in your profile

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272 is the only source. I’ve come back to Hi-Fi after a long absence and whilst I have lot of CD’s I’ve decided to leave them in the garage and rip and stream if there’s any I can’t find online.

I’m using the system in my bedroom currently with my old Monitor Audio BR2 speakers on stands. I’ll be moving it all downstairs to a larger room later in the year so decided to leave doing anything on speakers until then, but intention is to change to floor standers and hopefully home demo with everything in its final place.


Certainly right to leave the speakers until you relocate the system and in turn I would leave the power amp until you have an idea of what speakers you will get. At this stage a XPS would be a certain improvement and no risk.

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Thanks Lindsay that’s good to hear and I guess the advantage of an XPR is I’ll keep getting the benefit from it after upgrading the amp and speakers.

As well as the newer XPR I see there’s an olive version. The Naim product history shows the only change as being DR from 2012, so does anyone know if the switch from Olive was simply cosmetic? Also if the Olive can be upgraded to DR like the later models?

I’m really not fussed about having matching boxes as long as it’s been looked after, subject to the Olive XPR being compatible with the 272 which I’d need to establish.

As far as I know, you cannot use an olive XPS on the 272. The change from XPS (olive) to XPS2 was not just cosmetic, IIRC.


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