Next upgrade...?

Hi all

Forum newbie here and long term naim owner.

Looking for thoughts (and experiences) in the quest to spend yet more money…

Current system looks like this :

New ND5XS2
Rega Planar 6 with Naim stageline
CD5Si (no desire to upgrade this path as hardly use any more)
NAC 202
NAP 200
Wilson Benesch Arc stand mounts
(It sits on a Fraim and has Tellurium QB2 cable)

I’ve just bought the streamer and really pleased with it but has left me wondering which way to go next.
I’m thinking next way is to either upgrade the NAC to 282, NAP to 250 or the speakers to something else.

I’m looking for the biggest bang for my buck as won’t spend again this year and budget is circa £5k (although I don’t need to spend it all…)

What do you think…(and if speakers, to what…)


I would upgrade the source, whichever one you use the most.

An NDX2 is the obvious choice if you use the streamer the most or the next Rega up in the range if vinyl is your preference.

A 282 is also an amazing upgrade and works well with a Hicap and 200. I made the same move many years ago but I would probably do the source first unless a good deal on a 282 came up first.

Upgrade the 282 to a 72. You can even use your hicap still.

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Great minds think alike! I’d be taking back the ND5 and getting an NDX2, and swapping the 6 for an 8. I got an 8 a couple of weeks ago and it’s so much better than the 6. I certainly wouldn’t be looking at new speakers.


I agree that the source is what you should upgrade first. An NDX2 would be a good fit. Alternatively, and potentially cheaper, keep the ND5 and run a DAC from its SPDIF out.

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I agree with what has already been said.

I’d go:

  1. NDX
  2. XPS
  3. NAC 282
  4. NAP 250

I wouldn’t upgrade the power amp before upgrading source and pre-amp. Each step will give you a nice lift in performance. Good times! :slight_smile:

Thanks all…interesting, I thought the speakers would be the first recommended upgrade, not the brand new streamer!

You could change the speakers but not necessarily get better sound. Different yes, but better possibly not. Source first is the way to go for musical involvement and ‘realness’. Your speakers are excellent and capable of revealing the benefits of much better sources and indeed amplification.

I would go for a serviced 82 if you can be happy with olive in your system and then change the ND5XS2 for a used NDX2. You could even sell the CD5Si if you don’t use it much and then consider the 282 as well.

A 72 is a good option as well, but no remote.

Lots of options but if you want all black boxes then the 82 and 72 would be a non starter!

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Sell the CD5si and acquire a s/h Naim DAC & DC1 for your new streamer to kick it up a notch.


Naim Ndac and NAC 282: around 5k. The best for that money, IMO.
ND5xs2/ Ndac= Ndx2. ( similar level)
NAC 282 as the heart.


The wisdom around these parts is to get upstream sorted first (following the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ or ‘source first’ thinking).

As HH says, unless you are unhappy with your speakers, it’s far better to improve what they are fed rather than expecting a replacement set to do (materially) better - and new speakers may reveal as yet unknown issues with their environment due to e.g. greater bass output.

And if you hanker to spend more on an incremental basis (you may now know this just yet :grinning:), then start at the front end IMV.

Assuming your speakers work well in your room I’d leave well alone there and look towards the front end. Naim orthodoxy says source first but the 282 is such a paradigm shift over the 202 I’d do that first as both source components will benefit.

Good luck.


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Hifi maths, impatience and some judicious trade ins means the system now comprises of the following (so much for my “budget…”)

NDX2 - new
NAC 282
NAP 200
HiCap Dr

Whilst the NDX2 is yet to fully bed in, that and the 282, have given me a significant jump in performance as expected.

That said I feel I’m lacking bass drive from the WB Arcs which have also become considerably brighter in the new system.

Do I go new speakers or subs?

The room a family kitchen/living room is 6m by 8.5m with a 2.5m ceiling height. A goodly amount of furniture, couple of rugs and a wall full of books dampen the room down to a degree.


SuperCap2 or SuperCapDR on the 282 - I have had both on my recent 282 and they each resulted in an extended and tighter bass. I bought the SuperCap2 from a forum member who used it with great results with a NDS, 555, 282 and 250.2 … AND Wilson Benesch speakers…

A Naim HiLine between NDX2 and 282 also helps this combination in my direct experience in the last week.These often come up ex-demo; they do have to be handled carefully…

Changing the 200 for a 250 might well give you the ‘bass drive’ you’re looking for.


I would now wait a few weeks, the NDX2 will take a few days/weeks to get to its best, and you can adjust to the nuances of your upgraded system. My inclination based on what I experienced with my then CDX2 is that the addition of a XPS led to a more organic/deeper sound. If you previously enjoyed the sound of your speakers I would leave well alone for now.

Best regards,


What music are you listening to?

I changed my speakers to bigger floor standers as I wanted a bigger sound and listen to alot of rock and techno.

The source and preamp side of your system are excellent. The speakers and 200 all look balanced. You should have a good balanced system at this point.

If you feel things are lacking and are not happy with the power amp and speakers then look at those two areas.

If you want more bass and drive then I would go for 2 x 135s or a 300 and bigger more powerful speakers.

I had a 250 and moved to 2 x135s and there’s a fair bit more power. Changing to bigger speakers with 3 woofers made a big difference in the bass drive.

My amplification is 82, Supercap 2, 2 x 135s into Focal Aria 936s. They are not the most expensive speakers but they work for me.

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