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One day I might be tempted by a 552 but I feel there’s plenty more enjoyment to come from the 252 before that day comes. For now I’m planning maybe one ‘minor’ upgrade each year, so I want to get the most out of each step. These are the upgrades on my radar;

Dedicated mains (imminent - waiting on electrician)

2 x Full Powerlines (already have one)
300 > 300DR
SL Din

If you planned to do the above over, say, 5 years, which order would you go in and is there anything else missing in terms of sub 2-3k upgrade steps (I appreciate the 300DR will need a bit more)?

Be great to here from anyone with similar systems who have made one or more of these changes.

If it were me, given the amount you are planning to spend, I’d get the 552. The difference it would make would very likely be bigger than all the others added together. The £5,000 for Super Lumina alone would get you an awfully long way towards the 552, once you trade your 252 and Supercap.


That’s a very intriguing thought. As you say the difference I’d spend upgrading my SC to DR plus the trade in on my virtually new 252 would in themselves would go a long way towards a used 552…

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I’ve done a lot of these upgrades in the past and that from the 252 to 552 was massive, while others were much more marginal. You have a fantastic source and the non DR 300 will match perfectly. You can spend more tinkering around the edges and I really think you should go for it. The 552 is a delight.

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I recently upgraded my 252 to a 552 and as HH says it is a massive upgrade and will stand you well in future upgrades.

I’m using mine with a 300dr and it is superb.

Well worth seeking out an ex demo which is the route I took they do pop up in dealers from time to time well worth waiting for.

Cables are the icing on the cake get the black boxes sorted first.


Having recently acquired a 300DR, I have now decided to skip the 252 and P/X my 282/HCDR for a 552 which has just been serviced by Naim. The P/X is such a good one (about 90% of what I paid 2 years ago) its really a no brainer as a long term investment. Used 552 prices will almost certainly be underpinned by the forthcoming price increase and may even rise

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I think you are proposing a lot of side-grading.

I have none of the current electronics and no wish to own any, so my comments should be taken in that context.

I agree with HH above: if you wish to stay within the Naim canon, what is your ultimate goal, and aim for that.

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