Next upgrade

What would be the next upgrade?
Current system
XPS DR to Ndx2
Chord TT2
Chord Etude
Pmc Fact 8 Signature speaker

Definitely keeping speakers. Thanks for any ideas

My next upgrades already ordered for my supernait 3 are:

Hicap DR
Naim Powerline

And if still avaliable in the last quarter of this year, a XPS DR power supply for my NDX 2, hopping Naim still sells them in September.

For me it would be speakers -e.g Fact 12- because for my listening the 8s are lacking in the bass department.
The obvious option otherwise is either change TT to Dave or add MScaler (audition to decide which) …or both!
If you feel the speakers aren’t giving of their best, you could buy a second Etude and bridge them, alternative swap out for one of the Ultimas (assuming the Chord power amps do as I guess they do - I haven’t heard for myself).

I found the XPS DR to be a wonderful upgrade with my NSX 2 > SN 2 system a couple of years ago. Shop and home demo are the best way to find out for yourself.

Good luck with your decision(s)!

That would be my move too, and Dave matches the Etude more nicely. :grin:

Is the PSU on the NDX2 really worthwhile when the latter is only used as transport?

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I’m going to upgrade my ProAc D20R for ProAc D48R in Rosewood. I’m selling off my D20R, Ebony and my Chord Mscaler to mostly fund it. I’ll use my Hugo TT2 by itself for a while. Nothing else will change. I’ve always really loved the size of the soundstage the larger ProAc’s have. I’m working towards my endgame system and the D48R are my first step.

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