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The best advice in the entire thread — if you are worried about internet streaming, buy the music… Easy peasy lemon squeezy. :grinning:

Also, this way you support musicians — many of whom (not all) experience hardship at this moment…

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This is a stupid question and I will admit it but here goes: if I buy another piece to store downloaded music files those files would be downloaded over the same internet I’m using to stream Qobuz and Tidal now. If that’s the case would I be downloading a higher sound quality than simply streaming.

Yes, the music you buy online would be downloaded using the internet. But once you have the files on your server, you are no longer reliant on internet cable “outside” your house. So the quality of internet service provision would no longer have an impact on the quality of your music reply.

Obviously, as an alpha male American in the pursuit of perfection you would start tweaking your home network etc – but that’s food for another thread once therapy is concluded… :wink:

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I will get started.

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My music storage is a simple QNAP NAS, and we have our house wired up. Plus a couple of fancy ethernet cables. So we only have the basics right – no more… But at your level, you might want to look into top-notch Melco gear – it seems these Japanese music servers are well regarded. Personally, I can’t go down that route – my wife is Korean… So maybe Innuos for me in the future… :grin:

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I see @Frenchrooster writing – I knew I could only be a matter of time when Melco was mentioned… :rofl:

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And you need less strong signal to stream locally vs online. Even 3 or 4 Mbit would be enough to stream from a Nas or server.

Hahaha. That could have been the case. But I was more referring to the less demanding internet for streaming locally vs online.

how do you rate the Naim Core?
I use CDS 2 with XPS DR

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I really like it, the sound quality is better than running files through my Mac, it is very easy to run - pop it in, it’s rips, you edit the metadata if you want on the app, and it’s independent of your computer. It’s also a Naim, so rock solid build with a big power transformer. What’s not to like?

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I do wish Naim would add Roon Server to the Naim Core.


How about an Aurender n10. You can rip cd’s to your computer then simply move them to the Aurenders 4tb internal hdd. You could down load albums from HD Tracks and copy to the n10. I’m not sure what Naim stuff you have? I see a lot of 555 stuff. Could someone explain what you have?

I have tried - actually bought it then - a second power supply for my ND555, and in my opinion it’s was a good improvement to an already good system.
Like you, my main source is the ND555 (plus a very very old NAT01) and there it’s Tidal and sometimes Internet Radio following Naim’s recommendations. Sold my CD555 a few years ago when I compared streaming quality to CDs and couldn’t find a big difference. Vinyl I am out since 50 plus years- and not sure I want to go back there.

The second PS will bring a little more details, but much more clarity and depths. Is it worth the XXk money, don’t know, probably depending more on wallet and enthusiasm?
I liked it and considering the last upgrade it wasn’t that much on top although big money altogether.

Try to get a demo machine and take inform there.

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Just connected up a demo Supercap for the Superline, to replace the previous AUX2 connection. It is an improvement right from the off, even before the couple of days settling time that is usual with the phono stage after power up. Bodes well !

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