NFL Superbowl 2020 Thread

I am still not sure what team had won the Super Bowl, the one from Kansas or the one from Missouri?


Apparently you’re not alone.

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The one from Columbia, she danced at half-time.

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The KC team won after a fourth-quarter comeback.

The other team was from California (San Francisco).

Unless you’re referring to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, I don’t know exactly where they’re from!


@Haim refers to the US President’s tweet congratulating the KC Chiefs and the entire “Great State of Kansas.” BUT . . . the KC Chiefs are from the State of Missouri, not Kansas.

There is a “Kansas City” in each state, but the city in Missouri is about 3x bigger, and is the home of the Chiefs.


You were pretty much spot on @Bart!

What a great game - fantastic advert for the sport.

Despite rooting for the 49ers, I am pleased for Andy Reid getting there. A really nice guy. He deserves it.

And that young man, Mahomes, at QB…utmost respect. Threw some that had me thinking of Elway, Montana and the greats. Great attitude too. He has a very bright future.
Can we get him for the Orange&Blue, lol… :wink:

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