NHS Covid Pass

I set up my Covid Pass a few months ago, but only just checked I can access it. (Just in case I want to go clubbing it over Christmas).:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It expires after 48 hrs, which indicates I’ve had a negative Covid test, which I haven’t. As opposed to being fully vaccinated.

Anybody else have the same problem.

I log in & go to get a domestic covid pass & it refreshes to show a QR code updated to expire in 1 month


That’s what I did.

Tried it again. Still only 48 hours.

I’ve just checked mine and it shows the 30 day expiry period as usual.

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Have you validated your identity ? Mine was similarly time limited until I did that.

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I don’t think so, but I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Only photo ID I have is a passport that expired a couple of years ago. So that didn’t work.

There is a way of verifying without a photo, but that seems more hastle than getting a new passport.

I don’t know how really old people are going to sort out a Covid Pass.:scream_cat:

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I don’t remember having to send anything. Perhaps I uploaded a driving license.

I remember having to record myself saying things. All quite odd

You’d remember if you did what I had to do. Send a photo of my passport photo, then scan my face. Not a photo of my face, the app actually scanned my face.

Think I’ll make do with a 48 hour pass.

I had to record myself saying some phrases. This is for the main NHS app that includes the pass isn’t it?

As you say, I don’t know how anyone copes with these things who doesn’t have various photo ids, a smartphone etc

I think so.

Yes. It all works really well. Provided you have photo id etc

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Strange. I didn’t have to provide any identity information at all when I initially set up that app and I just yesterday downloaded a domestic pass valid for another month.

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Having no current driving license or passport I also had problems trying to set up this sort of thing so I don’t bother anymore.

Seems rather strange as they manage to collect my taxes etc without any sort of photo ID.


Why not use the vaccination certificate as when you go abroad ?

I got mine with the double jab , now I’ve been upgraded I expect a replacement would show this

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I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the fact that a few months ago I registered with my GP online, to enable me to book appointments. (Although I didn’t actually manage to book an appointment) This also gives me access to my medical record (but it doesn’t). What it does give me is access to my repeat prescriptions.
Maybe because I can access more information with the mobile app, I need to provide additional identity verification.

When I do that it asks me to provide identity to get full access.

If you have your NHS number that should be fine.

Best wishes


I don’t like the look of this at all, welcome to the surveillance state.

My parents were both housebound in their later years, eventually their driving licences and passports expired - it was pretty darned difficult after that to prove their identity for any new bank accounts or similar reasons. They were probably lucky they passed on in 2019.

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The other annoyance here is that ‘Vaccine Passports/Covid passes’ are no guarantee of not being infected even if transmitting a lower viral load and relatively asymptomatic (which is worse as you’ll potentially socialise as normally as you can having ‘done your bit’ and feeling ok). It’s all very depressing.