Niagara AQ3000 my initial thoughts

Hi all,

have recently picked up a pre-loved niagara AQ3000 for my system and some hi current AQ hurricane cables x3 to go with it again pre-loved

thought would post initial findings so far for people (i do have a dedicated mains feeding my system also)

The AQ3000 has 2 high current sockets/current reservoir (looks like giant capacitor/battery thing?) which is why i went for it as concern being my NAIM kit would not like the filtered sockets although i recognise some have liked the effect it has had. prior to the AQ3000 i had a wireworld matrix 2. Also the other key thing is having done a lot of research i knew that people consistently reported that my other non-naim kit ala DAVE, innuos stuff responds favourably to mains filtering, but as ever trial and listening test for your own kit is key

First the Hurricane cables (w/out the AQ3000) gave an nice incremental uplift especially the main one running to the matrix2 and especially for the nap300, which has given it a little more low end bass detail and finesse. Was pleased with this result and the SQ improvement from them at their pre-loved discounted price (i got about ~upto60% off rrp), if thinking about buying mains cable at full RRP you can get better SQ VFM elsewhere. (i always pick up mains cable pre-loved as icing on cake type of upgrade never at full rrp)

onto the AQ3000, so firstly had nap 300 on hi current and supercap on filtered pre-amp socket ran this for a week to give settle in time before changing back. Nap300 responded really well and was very happy on the high current which improved bass thump/timing and detail. 252 gained a much wider soundstage, lower noise floor with improved micro detail and a very live sound (changed the presentation), however what i found is that this came at a cost to PRAT and the instruments which seemed pushed back almost in presentation, ultimately i didn’t like this set up as felt lost the naim boogie factor. Swapped back to re-affirm this and yes lost that lower noise floor and detail on the 252 but got the boogie factor immediately back.

round 2 got the supercap on the hi current set up, again over a week in now but much better, again improved sound stage and micro detail on the 252 (not as much as the filtered socket) BUT lost none of the naim boogie factor which was there with plenty of attack and bite. The rest of the kit especially DAVE and the innuos stuff are quite happy on the filtered sockets also.

as ever my own personal ramblings but thought worth a share for those considering and have mixed systems like me. Would advocate though the NAIM stuff needs the hi current cable and hi current sockets to work in such a set up, but as ever need to try for yourself :slight_smile:

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