Nice article on Naim and Bentley


Thanks for posting that Crispy.

For any of you thinking of coming to the Bristol show, and curious about the performance of the Naim for Bentley system, courtesy of local Bentley dealer Rybrook, we hope to have the latest Bentley Flying Spur there on demonstration…

That’ll be interesting.

Did the Naim staff get the use of the car at evenings and weekends to see if it was worthy of the Naim treatment?

My best friends dad has just purchased a Bentley bentayga with the full Naim audio system. I rushed around immediately! I have to be honest I was so disappointed, I have heard far far better audio systems in Other vehicles.


It has to burn in. Come back in two years😀


Whatever about the hifi it’s a dreadful looking thing and I quite like Bentleys

Bet it sounds great, but would rather have a stripped out M3 CSL and listen to Naim at home.


They probably had the DSP set to Spoken Word or the settings were all screwed up. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve got into a NfB equipped Bentley and found that the system settings have been played with and left all over the place. Given enough time fiddling about you can quite easily make it sound like a transistor radio - if that’s what you want. Leave it alone though, and trust in the Naim default settings (or very close to), then feed it with some decent lossless files, and it’ll sound awesome.

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Personally, I just don’t get the allure of a high end audio system in a car. We go on about doing all this stuff with PSUs, power and interconnect cables, dressing, racks, etc to lower the noise floor, to make the music live. Then we put high end into a road going car that has all kinds of ambient noise and distractions. Meh…the crappy stereo in my Outback is all I need.

First thing I checked Richard unfortunately! Maybe my expectations were to high.

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Isn’t that the problem though? Too many options and too many variables. All I want is simplicity in my car radio/ sound system I don’t want more menus than a pizzeria .

Sometimes, less is more.

On the other hand, for many of us, we spend so much time in a car, and often it’s the only time we get to really sit and listen to recorded music. So, if we can create a system that’s really immersive and enjoyable - enough so that you would actually really look forward to just getting in the car and sitting there to listen, that has to be worthwhile, surely?


Well, interesting you say that, because it’s one are where the NfB system has purposely been made as simple as possible, and the ideal Naim setting is the default. Of course, you can fiddle with the bass, treble, subwoofer, DSP setting (choice of 8) and fader to your hearts content, but in essence you only have to click on the Naim default for the best experience.

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I had a Harmon Kardon system in my last car. Was certainly worth the additional over the standard system and when stuck in traffic on way home I could relax and enjoy music and not be stressed by the idiots on the road.

Maybe. It’s designed to be effortlessly natural and musical (erring on the side of warmth) rather than for flash bang effects. What were the “surround” settings? If set to driver focussed it can sound out of phase everywhere else.

No, I don’t want drivers immersed in the music. I want them immersed in what they are supposed to be doing: driving safely and with utmost prudence. Sadly, that’s the rare exception rather than the rule, where driving distracted with sound systems that drown out any possibility of having reasonable situational awareness is the norm. I’m especially sensitive to that as an avid cyclist (4000-8000 miles/year riding on public roads). We need fewer motorist distractions. Not more.

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Ah Ok, yes I understand. I would never countenance anybody allowing anything to distract them from the primary task of driving carefully and courteously, and I know that neither Naim nor Bentley would either.

No distraction when going 0 mph in heavy traffic. Better than being wound up when on the road. Music is known to de-stress and being less stressed does not mean I am not focused on the road, my brain is better able to focus.

Tell that to my cycling buddy who was slaughtered by a distracted driver. Oh wait, you can’t. He’s dead! I’ll bet that motorist needs his fancy car stereo to destress. That’s more important after all.

Sorry, I think a need for music in the car to destress is utter B.S. I have a high-stress job and I do fine with my commute, just playing news I mostly ignore at a volume low enough that I can be fully cognizant of what’s going on, 360º around me on the road. If you’re so wound up from work you can’t drive safely without the distraction of music maybe you should be on public transit.