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Hi all

I know this has been spoken about before but recommend those with Fraims have ago and post your thoughts.
I pushed all the black boxes on the glass shelves further back towards the glass stop at the back but not touching.
I thought it maybe the fact that I am now finished for the year and feeling rather relaxed but I do believe having done this, the system is sounding better.
Before I had everything lining up at the front. Black boxes, glass and front of Fraim.

I can only assume that being pushed back, the weight distribution has shifted and therefore more weight being evenly distributed though each level and each Fraim leg.



I’ve always found it sounds best lined up at the front. It certainly looks much nicer.

I’ll try this tonight.

I have a HiCapDR that’s on it’s on shelf flushed all the way to the right. I’ve wondered if it would be better centered for weight distribution and SQ. I’m open to others experience. I do think it was look better centered but I’m also thinking about placing my EE switch on the same shelf.

Talking about 3-4mm you can’t see it with my black Fraim unless you are right up looking down on it.
Well it’s a easy one to try providing you don’t use the plastic bearing locators. :+1:t2:

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This is crossing my mind now also but thought be best to get all the toroidal transformers lined up one above each other?

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I think the Audiophilia Nervosa Virus has mutated.


You lot serious?


Ah I see. I thought you meant that you moved just the boxes, not the glass as well.

I put it to you that if you leave it where it is for a week, and then move it back to the front again, you’ll then be convinced that at the front is better. Changes often initially sound better whereas they are either just different, or worse. It’s the focus of attention on something that can make it seem better. It’s like how disgruntled people at work feel happier when they get attention, even if nothing materially changes. In other words it’s psychological.

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Yes, toroidals give off a massive vertical magnetic pull. This has come up many times. :+1:t2:

Wise wise words!

I think you are probably right HH, as I say, I’ve just finished work for the year. So now relaxed knowing I am off for a bit. I will give it a week or so then pull it back also.

I’d love for others to try it tho and see what they think.
Logically weight distribution has changed however so maybe not psychological. :thinking::+1:t2:

I dont doubt that popeye… but seriously…audibly superior to move your boxes?
The upper echelons of the Naim range seem to very volatile to all these questionable variables… what other product would you honestly tolerate this from?
I know… each to their own…I fully accept that… but I do laugh when I read some if these posts.


I think it’s actually the same with all manufacturers of kit not just Naim.
I know what you are saying tho.
Problem is we are led by a company that shakes its cables, uses glass shelves, has wobbly pins in plugs because it sounds better…

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I’m always on the look out for any inexpensive “enhancement” that I can improve SQ. It’s nice to hear others experience and learn from them. For example for months I didn’t think Fraim chips would make a difference but they did for me. These type of changes remind me of my eye doctor appointment. “Which is better ‘1 or 2’?” Often I can’t tell but if I blink a couple of times #1 is better. lol

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ATEOTD if you can detect an improvement then that’s all that matters and apologies for derailing.

For no scientific reason whatsoever, I would avoid placing a switch on the same shelf as or immediately next to a power supply.

In my main system, which sits on two stacks of Fraim, I keep the power supplies (brawn) on the right, where their transformers are kept as far away as possible from the head units (brains) on the left.

My modest Cisco switch lives approx. 3 feet from the brains stack. I cannot prove it, but I am confident that this arrangement is more beneficial to overall system performance than items sharing shelves (except perhaps for a HighCap and NAPSC side by side on one shelf and far away from the head units).

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Pretty sure that this suggestion has come up before, except then the advice was to line up the glass and the front of each unit with the front edge of each shelf.

It certainly looks nicer this way.

Yes we talking about the glass on the ball bearings. Not the black box on the glass. :+1:t2:

It’s funny I’m sure someone came up with a “it sounds better with the box’s lined up at the front of the glass” thread some while ago?

Many people agreed if I remember…and it was decided that this was because the cables exited the fraim at a better / smoother angle

I believe @DarkeBear posted some findings about this a few years ago, to the effect that all Naim boxes performed best when the front face of the box was a little back from the leading edge of the glass - 1mm for preamps, 2mm for power supplies, iirc. After reading this, I followed suit the next time I did a big rebuild - all my boxes had previously been about 6mm back, aligned with the horizontal member below the glass.

I did find that the sound was improved, though I’ve no idea how much, if any, of the improvement was down to this one change. More generally, though, I’ve found that Naim boxes are quite sensitive to things like the glass being exactly centred on the balls, the box itself being l-r centred on the glass, and so on.

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