Nice Photos


Oh…it’s so quiet!


Belvoir Castle :blush:


one boat seems to have a problem…


A lovely glimpse of Brunelleschi’s cupola there @Pete.T


Lagos, Portugal.


I completely disagree. What is the point of showing a photo from anywhere other than one taken by yourself. You cannot share the experience of being there or maybe more important the technicalities of how it was taken.


Hi frenchrooster, it’s a follow on from thread on old forum. Pics we have taken ourselves.


if it was taken by an artist, or a well known photographer, you can eventually share it, like sharing a nice painting you have seen.
Anyway, i will not go against the wish of this thread. I understood.


You can’t beat taking a photo for yourself :slight_smile:


I remember seeing frozen sea for the first time: Nida, Lithuania December 1996


Lake Matheson, New Zealand, this morning.


Westgrat Salbitschijen - Switzerland - 3 years ago

Me leading the pitch

Our picnic place that day

The last pitch of the 32 pitches. Quite a long day.


very nice, awesome photo!



For those that are interested; today’s Bing home page is showing a picture of a scanning electron micrograph of a stylus on a record. Gives a bit of an idea about some of the technicalities involved.


I just now checked that out - very cool!


Squadron Colours

Squadron Colours


wonderful sky!


A few pics from the Harbin Snow and Ice World Feb. 2017