Nice Photos


Thanks F/R, obviously the photo’s don’t do it justice. Amazing spectacle and the chill of -25c just adds to the experience.



Schrödinger’s cat pointing its whiskers out of the box. Yes, its alive! :grin:


it’s like a poster


My first post to this thread! Taken during the Norwegian Coastal Voyage with Hurtigruten last summer.


Neuchatel lake, one of the biggest in Europe ( Switzerland). I really appreciated this place…


Esparron de Verdon, south of France ( the red rocks and the lake)


Still in south of France, near Nice






Doubtful Sound, New Zealand. Yesterday evening.


Rod, you discovered the delightful Pinot Noir down the lower regions of the South Island yet, while hopefully enjoying our beautiful country, good Pinot can get a bit pricey though :confused:
Keep up the great photography, reminds me of long forgotten holidays
Jet boat ride, bungy jump yet :grinning::grinning::grinning:



Somewhere near the border of Thailand and Myanmar. It was a 6000km round trip through the ‘1000 corners’ from KL.


a paradise! wonderful!


London bridge taken with my Linhof Master Technika film camera.

img341 by biotecbob, on Flickr


Beautiful photo and beautiful camera.Ok,where’s my CM 500?!



Marvelous pic Rob. Who needs digital eh?

Well apart from scanning and digitising original print. Then converting it to jpeg. And hosting on a digital platform to post on a tinternet forum. But apart from that…

Do you use large format much?