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Beer now there a town I could retire to. :grin:


I remember the pipers at the Queen Mothers funeral. As ever, they were so impactful, just as the Royal Regiment of Scotland were these last few days. The Canadian Scottish regiments were also represented and it would be great if they were able to be there for the Queen, too.


Ha! She’s got ‘the room’ they use in the advertising bumph, we can’t believe it.



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That looks like the perfect spot for an evening beverage!

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The people of Beer are strange. They love you to visit but you will never be accepted by the locals if you move in. This applies to me too. I live about 3 miles away.

it will be sad but you’ll appreciate the quiet, space and lack of mess if my eldest is anything to go by!

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Yes indeed.

Though she’ll be back in ten weeks and is just half an hour away, so we will of course be bothering her frequently in the meantime…

Funnily enough her best friend, who we’ve known for years and years, has just popped round with her Mum as she’s off to Exeter at first light. Emotional.


Been through it Jamie with my two lads. The three years flew by, and now they are both back home again. As things look right now, there is no sign they will ever leave!

“A small town is a place where you’re no longer a stranger after five minutes, but still a newcomer after 50 years.”


Market Garden Airborne memorial earlier today


And one more with a bit more detail


Really nice one!

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Glad the weather was kind, did you go by Rolling end? Steep start but rewarding when the heather is out

No, we went up directly from Braithwaite and over Barrow. It really was a brilliant sunny morning!


Causey pike is one of my personal favourites….

A start from stoneycroft up Rolling End is always nice as a hard climb and scramble at the beginning give way to a nice ridge route (and a breather) before the ascent and final scramble to the pike top. I much prefer this as the alternative from the same start is a long steady slog uphill all the way which like the worst climbs gets steeper the further you walk……

Did Rannerdale crags this afternoon, again picked the steep climb first and gentle decent… certainly better on my knees …

Enjoy the weather if still in Cumbria !

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Sadly back home now ChifChaf. Since getting our two dogs we avoid too much scrambling so it’s all long slogs for me.

My best mate will be having his ashes scattered over Rannerdale Knotts. Local rumour is that Tom Cruise was filming in Buttermere for the next Mission Impossible film. We spoke to the security team to get more info but they were pretty tight lipped! Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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Certainly a fabulous vista from Rannerdale Knotts, I can understand why someone would want their ashes scattered there.

For info I’m not on holiday… fortunate to live very close by.

Now I am really jealous as I live inside the M25…

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A recent outing to the Cairngorms; topping out on Cairn Lochan via the Fiacaill Coire Lochan scramble. It was pretty windy, which made for an ‘interesting’ moment or two on the narrower bits!





Is the madame using too much rouge…? Anyway, she broke the sound barrier plunging into the water after noticing me.