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Reflecting on vinyl:
Reflections On Vinyl


they look like our french “ gilets jaunes “


Indeed. I suspect a tad less revolutionary however.


The One That Got Away


on hols last summer for a couple of days in Norfolk


From a recent trip to Tokyo. Timed the holidays to coincide with the Sumo tournament and it was awesome.




Chiaravalle Abbey entrance.


A column capital from inside the Abbey.


some of my favorite turntables, but very expensive…only dream


V[quote=“frenchrooster, post:75, topic:175”]
some of my favorite turntables, but very expensive…only dream
@frenchrooster As lovely as these turntables are, I think these pictures would be better off in a separate thread. I think the main point of this thread is for people to post personal pictures taken by themselves which others would appreciate and share.
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je vous reçois 5/5!


lovely picture of the vineyards around Rioja, just outside the town of Haro late spring last year so vines were late budding but northern Spain is a lovely part of the world - the wines quite good also


south of France, in the area of Nice , Menton…


That makes me pine for the Fiords or something similar, Lincoln being my home town :smile:


Another memory jerker - I was here on my birthday last year - December 30th, so grotty at home. Also remember a tour of a rum distillery where you could drink as much as you liked of each of 18 different rums.

Actually I’m surprised I do remember it :wink:

We’d agonised for ages as to whether we shold go away over Christmas/New Year. The doubt dissapeared within about 5 seconds of arriving - we’ll be doing it again this year.




Early winter, Glen Etive, Scotland.