Nice Photos




spot on it’s Punakha Dzong in Bhutan.


Thought so. We cycled across Bhutan in 2017 and stopped at Punakha Dzong, where the jacaranda trees were in full bloom.


is it a buddhist temple ?


nice wall😜


I was there myself last August, but the view from my tent in my campsite wasn’t quite so spectacular.


Soft landing

Cardinals do not like the bird feeder’s small perches and prefer to feed from leftovers underneath it, alas. the deep snow makes it a challenging affair.


wonderful and singular bird! specially in the white snow


Yes amongst other things.


Ally Pally.


Always enjoyed this thread and thankfully much easier to post now . This is probably the best pic I’ve ever taken . Taken off Stewart Island New Zealand a few years back on a quite incredible day . They really are amazing creatures and very much misunderstood .



Rutland water :slight_smile:


Atomic sheep


Scottish Highlands last autumn


Kolocep Island Dubrovnik :blush:


The weather doesn’t normally get too cold here in North Florida but it has done lately. Here are 2 Carolina wrens huddled together, I assume for mutual warmth, on top of one of the supporting pillars of our car port. Picture taken at 9:11PM


A bit rough technically, but I like this pic of Ese I took last night, on her home turf (Brixton):

Ese, Brixton 27-01-19


PB, you’ve been in my neck of the woods…



Yes, Polarbears need fish to survive on :sunglasses:


Dirty Chicks!