Nice Photos


Junco’s Junction

Busy feeding in the afternoon. It is going to be minus 27 C tonight.


Mu-so cat bench used as intended.


Oh, well it’ll be 40 below with the windchill all day tomorrow in north-central Indiana. I’ll take “cold … in North Florida” any day! :grin:


Cold is a totally relative term … for the best part of 7-8 months we are at 95F with 90% humidity … tonight is supposed to be around 26F … warm by your standards but certainly not by ours … that’s why we bail during the summer and go up to Nova Scotia … even in the dead of winter up there they don’t have temps of 40 below. Stay warm …


It’s fabulous actually. The university cancelled classes, so I get to stay home all day listening to music!!!


You ought to try retirement … you get to stay at home all day, every day … until you don’t want to …


The Biltmore - Asheville, North Carolina


Very nice b&w,Jamie.


_DSC0872 2


Thanks Fab


Does the cat have a favourite team?


He was initially taken by Sunderland for obvious reasons. Though he likes to follow the ball around for long periods without actually touching it, so they have plenty in common.


Spooky :scream:


Nice kittie :blush:


That is one impressive shot, PB. I’d love to see the Exif info on that.:sunglasses:


Shot with a very long lens :joy:


On the look out for dinner


Maybe not yet?


Now I’m hungry.


Hi Slim68, landscape looks familiar, Serengeti ??

Meet up with this mum & two sub adult daughters in Kruger NP. Spent a good hour with them, 100’s of pics all photo’d from my car. This is youngster washing mum. They got scared off by a family of wart hogs, the hogs faced up to them & the cheetahs nerves got the better of them & they slunk off. Magic moments.