Nice Photos


Fabulous ! so well integrated with the trees


at which distance ? you must have a very good camera i guess


Hi Mike, This is on the Kenyan side, the Masai Mara. We followed these 3 for about a hour, it was a very special moment.



And Stretch


I am watching you!


Watching you too, you looking for trouble ??


No backstops needed on this border



What did you said to me?


In grayness let me dwell



On the topic of grey … not one of mine, but taken on the beach where I was brought up. It is Brigitte Bardot in 1966.


I prefer a bit more colour :blush:


Looks remarkably similar to the sculpture outside the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury (UK);

ATB. George.


That’s spookily similar George :flushed:

Mine was shot at Burleigh House Stamford.


May well be a series of similar sculptures by the same artist? Here’s the face in front of the old Marlowe Theatre in 2007 (colour) and another shot of the relocated face after the new Theatre was opened in late 2011;

ATB. George.


And another at Burleigh :blush:


Great photo PB.
Where was it taken?
Do you know who the artist is?


Thank you, it was taken in the grounds of Burleigh House, Stamford. There are loads of great sculptures there in the grounds.

I am sorry but I don’t know who sculptedit,




@CBR600 @Polarbear

Paul and PB,

These sculptures were commissioned and they are by a guy called Rick Kirby



Can’t talk with your mouth full

To share is only fair

Don’t waste any food


Yes, and I have back up :slight_smile: