Nice When a Plan Comes Together

Even if it takes twenty years!

About twenty years ago we had a conservatory built on the house. As a part of the development I ran speaker cable from there back to my main system, as I had an AV processor with a Zone 2. In the event it was completely superfluous and never used.

A number of years later I removed a back boiler from what was the dining room. I built shelves into the space and added an AV system, enabling me to keep control of the living room for my HiFi.

About ten years ago we had the conservatory converted to a proper extension to allow proper year round use.

Periodically I buy a second hand AV amp, usually an Onkyo. My last one died and so I went on the hunt and bought one off Gum Tree for £140, a TX-NR727. This includes streaming AND has a powered Zone2.

The streaming capability is poor, mainly due to the aged nature of the apps, but this doesn’t matter as I use a FireTV.

I bought a 2nd hand pair of TDL Nucleus 2 off Gum Tree, for the princely sum of £20, and connected them to the speaker sockets. I then took up the floor boards, pulled up the cables going to my main system and fed them through to the AV amp.

Next issue, the old Onkyo only feeds analogue inputs through to Zone 2. My wife wanted me to replicate the audio from the TV through to the (now) extension. I bought an HDMI audio splitter and fed the LR output into one of the audio inputs.


For the last couple of decades I had thought that I had wasted the time and effort, but in the end it has paid off. :wink:


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