Nick Cave

Nick Cave and his partner have lost another son.

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Sad sad news after the loss of his other son not long ago. Must be really heart breaking and tough for him. Best wishes to him and family.


Very sad news indeed.

Very sad to read this.

Very sad. I am going tomorrow to Bradford Pictureville to see ‘Thus Much I know To Be True’ and really looking forward to it. Cave and Ellis have made some of the most intense and fascinating music I own. How difficult that this global release has coincided with yet another loss.

Jethro appears to have been an unwell and troubled man from what I read.


It is desperately sad news. I cannot imagine the grief he and his family will be feeling.

Not sure if anyone else caught the movie yesterday (it was a one day only worldwide release) but it did not disappoint. Fierce creativity and performance.

Catch the physical or digital release when it appears and play it on the best sound and vision system you can if you are a fan.



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