Nightwish - Birmingham'21 and beyond

From FJ -

DANKJEWEL NEDERLAND!! :heart: :pray: A sold-out ZIggo Dome, Henk Poort joining for The Phantom of the Opera and so many familiar and fresh faces! Have a wonderful night and wonderful week!! :heart:

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A day off from being a Valkyrie…


Another day off picture…

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I wonder if this will sell out as fast as the 5 Ayreon shows

BTW did you decide whether to try a get Ayreon tickets?

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Me…? No - too expensive - and too difficult, from Brexit Britain.

I see that FJ has a series of dates in April, May & June - in NL, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

You bought the CD’s, you saw the Concert…



PS. Not the easiest book to buy, at present. Suspect a lot of copies have been sold recently, because of the tour. And also, you need to check that you are not buying the German or Finnish edition. Unless you read German or Finnish… :expressionless:

Yet-Another-Reaction - but NOT Ghost Love Score…

Note - This is a Tarja era song. Floor was less than 1 year into Nightwish at this point. Taken from Waken 2013 - still with Jukka and Marko. Enjoy…

Update on Floor’s health, from Nightwish - Tour dates in Asia to be rescheduled.

Doing The Right Thing…



First time - Our Decades In The Sun - acoustic - from Hamburg 12th Dec’22 -

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So… what was Floor Jansen doing, a bit before joining Nightwish…?

This is… ReVamp… :astonished:

I was in the doghouse for blasting Nightwish and Rammstein on Christmas Eve after a brief visit to the ‘look at us’ pretentious neighbours 'soirée, so will have to defer to Bambi and calmer items for a few days. :frowning:


And -


(Floor makes Note - Stop wearing Heels on stage… :expressionless: )

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Drat, I was hoping for a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ :smiling_imp:

I think that particular outfit was one of the least flattering I’ve seen her in, I sort of get the look, but prefer a more feminine and foxy look myself. :smiling_imp:

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:thinking: No…

Only ‘joshing’ :wink:

Many things are best left to the imagination :blush:

I really love this Buenos Aires 2012 outfit:

Maybe this sums it up:


I prefer the earlier pictures (like these… ) - with less or no ‘tats’.
And probably less spent on the outfits… :astonished:
(sorry, Royal Black…)

Just my view… YMMV… :expressionless:


Yes, I’m with you 100% on ‘tats’, she just looks so natural and happy in these pics.

The problem with many of her later ‘tats’ is that even if you can appreciate the art you can’t quite work out what it is without much more exposure.

Bloody Hell - we are in agreement - :crazy_face: :astonished: :thinking:


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