Nightwish - Birmingham'21 - And More

Good job, then, that I didn’t mention “Angels Fall First”, and “Once”; the latter, on reflection, I would probably substitute for Wishmaster.


I second that Human :||: Nature is great way to start. I actually started with this one - made in Hong Kong, live. Thought Bye Bye Beautiful meant to be said lovingly soft. Was I surprised! But loved the band ever since… thanks to @VinoVeritas who introduced me to Nightwish. :+1:


Floor fan here… Sorry… Not… :hear_no_evil:

(the debate of Tarja vs Annette vs Floor is too long for this Forum. In my view, they are/were all good, in different ways. YMMV… )

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I wasn’t aware we were debating who is singing.

However what is more concerning is that I cannot find our CD of “Once”………
Might even have to buy it again!

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You’re welcome @davidng glad you like them.

I think quite a few NW fans have come via the click bait that the Wacken Open Air Festival 2013 rendition of Ghost Love Score and Floor Jansen hitting a certain note and the visceral reaction it elicits as alluded to above… and they’ve stayed with them for he overall quality of music.

I agree with @IanRobertM the endless debate about who is the better singer is pointless but all have their merits.

IMO the 3 singers can be summarised ( sweeping generalisation more like😃) below

Tarja - predominantly an “operatic” style
Annette - more a musical theatre
Floor - more a blend of the 2 can “growl” as well as “belt” to G# Ab 6
Personally I came via Floor but enjoy all 3 for what they individually bring to the party.

If looking at somewhere to start may I humbly suggest the live albums they are generally well produced with SQ to match and the energy tends to be a little higher from the band as a whole.

Human II Nature takes a different direction than the other whilst staying true to the history - a grower for me that keeps on revealing more and more on each listen.

Have fun

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Very good summary - spot on… IMO… :smiley:

Agree also on the Live sets. Like most such like, they give you a selection of old & new songs… And perhaps feature the standout songs best…?


But what made Nightwish unique/special in the early days was the juxtaposition of Tarjas’s “operatic” vocals, Tuomas’ symphonic keyboards and the “power metal” backdrop of Emppu, Marko & Jukka.

We played “Sleeping Sun” from Oceanborn for the walk-out at the funeral of my Mum-in-Law.


YouTube just ‘served up’ some very early Nightwish, for me - from… Eurovision…!!

This is from 2000 - so its with Tarja on vocals - and still Sami Vanska on Bass.

They didn’t qualify… :thinking:


And here’s the ‘proper’ Nightwish version -

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What a fine set of, er, clean cut boys & girls. Definitely suitable for the gentile Eurovision viewers.

Should have played the proper version. that would have shaken up a few!!!

What’s worse though is that I don’t appear to have any version of Sleepwalker! What’s it on?
Although it is possible that it has been relocated to one of the daughters!

Its on Wishmaster - but only if you have the 2007 re-issue… :thinking:
(which I don’t - I have the original 2000 version…)

Hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to Amazon we go!

While pootling around Yootoob from your links starting point, I came across a half decent recording of Nightwish’s version of the Michael Nymen toon “The Heart Asks Pleasure First”. The only time I’ve ever heard it was when we walking out of the Hartwall Areena after the “End Of The World Tour” concert over a decade ago. Now that was a cracking weekend!

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Or Discogs… Other retailers are available…

Six and a half quid (inc postage). I’m cool with that

Must revisit Within Temptation too.

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Ahhh, “Sharon the voice”.

But don’t forget Epica (Simone), Leaves’ Eyes (Liv Christine), Delain (Charlotte), and of course After Forever…….for early Floor Jansen!

Can those ladies sing? Yes they can!!!


…or Anette Olzon’s latest album Strong.

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Ooooh! And Christmas is coming….

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Mrs AC claims I’m obsessed with an Amazon Woman and has dubbed the group MagWitch!!!



So is this still going ahead?