Nikon D750 new user

morning any Nikon D750 owners on here? - had the camera for a couple of weeks, moved from D50 which, the new D750 is light years ahead - main lens are 24 - 120ml and 200 - 500ml for wildlife -

I use Speed mode the most as both lens are fixed apature, found it goes through battery life so have got some RAVpower spares

anyone got any useful tips? or short cuts?

Congrats on new camera. Enjoy it.

Setting the screen to come on for 2 secs might increase battery life, if it is set for longer at the moment.

The screen may be a bit bright too, so turning it down may preserve battery life.

My comments are very general because I have Canons.

@Christopher_M thanks - I am looking at the battery pack for camera, I have x2 spare RAVpower now but when we sent on holiday with high use x1 battery was not sufficient, yes turned down screan also

Thank you. A battery pack could be good. Driving the big glass especially, will also drain batteries faster.

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@Christopher_M yes the 200 -500 Nikon is a little monster, have monoprod but no good for moving targets, the one great thing about digital is the delete button

interesting battery cost of Nikon vs RAVpower, and the drop in costs of the memory cards

Again very general comments from me. I try and keep screen use to a minimum Antz, so I seldom delete in camera. I buy bigger CF cards. Apart from anything you can miss good stuff when you are looking at the back of the camera, deleting!

Monopod use can take practice and like most things in photography, a bit of technique.

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I have D610 so very similar controls. One of my main tips is to set it for Auto ISO and in Manual. That way, you get creative control directly over f-stop and and shutter speed, while still leaving the camera to sort out the right ISO for the correct exposure. It really does work a treat.

In low light, as with any method, you have to be careful to not ask “too much” of the camera - insisting on a fast shutter speed and/or small aperture in lower light will result in the camera choosing a very high ISO which can give you some grain.

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@winkyincanada great thanks - The dealer had SH D610 with battery grip but with the recent offer not much more to go for D750 - thanks for the advice on ISO

The D750 is definitely an upgrade on the D610. You’ve made a good choice.

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Is the D750 FX or like the D50, DX format? Did you have the change lenses as well?
I too have a D50, not a bad compact body. I stayed with the DX format with a 2nd hand D2xs. Plenty of battery life, and with new fast capacity CF cards, plenty of scope for RAW. I mostly use it with a 17-55 F2.8 but also have a 55-200.

FX. I’ve always had full-frame lenses, harking back to my F5. I kept with full-frame, even with my old D70.

Do you still have your F5 - Film is coming back!

Yep, still have the F5. They don’t make them like that anymore! It’s a beast.

@simon.pepper full frame, does auto set to DX format so,my older 17_70 DX works but nothing like the new 24 -120 F4 which is astonishing also have 200 -500 F4 again is brilliant

I wanted to go full frame vs mirrorless because of the larger lens

Very much like the D2 - you don’t mind lugging it around as it such a pleasure to use.

I had an F5. I sold it about 10 years ago. Only a few rolls of film through it, kept in it’s original mint box, hardly used. It was a great camera and a big improvement over the F4. The buyer must have been very pleased, it was perfect.

The D2? Not really. Not that good. The D3 on the other hand was a big step up in quality.

No specific suggestions for the D750 but on occasions you may want to …get rid of the big heavy lens and go out with a just a prime 50mm lens with the camera set for manual use. Slow down, have some fun and over time your camera knowledge and technique will improve. I enjoy experimenting with manually settings aperture, shutter speed, and ISO when taking a shot. Not for everyone but I found out it slowed me down and got me to think more about the picture I was taking then firing away,

Congratulations on your new camera, it has certainly has received many positive reviews since it came on the market place.

I would suggest picking up something like the Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 ZF.2.

FWIW, there is a thread on Flickr with the D750 and manual focus lenses. Manul Focus on D750 thread


Agree! I recently bought a mirrorless Conon EOS R but also managed to pick up a Canon 03 35 mm back in mint condition. I’ve been shooting Ilford FP4 black and white, amazing and Boots can still have it developed. I also managed to pick up some Kodak colour slide film - it all seems to be coming back just like cassettes, reel to reel and vinyl where the racks in Brighton HMV the other week were week were the largest I’ve seen in a while. I’m not getting any younger though!

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