NNP-01 thoughts?

All -

I’ve seen a dealer who specializes in used gear advertise a few Naim NNP-01. I know that it was part of NaimNet from years ago; what makes me post is that the dealer claims it was “factory modified” to work only as a power amp.

Two questions:

  1. Can that be true?
  2. How did it sound as an amp?

Finally - Moderators - I recognize the prohibition on discussions of “modified” Naim equipment; so if this is a forbidden question please let me know.

Thanks all in advance!

I purchased a new NNP01 and 172xs-BT in December. From what I understand these amps were unsold NaimNet stock. The network features were removed and it became essentially a NAP200 with a XLR input. I’m pleased to report the amp sounds great, although the supplied RCA to XLR cable was terrible. I replaced it with a proper DIN-XLR interconnect which made a big improvement. I power a pair of Tablet 10’s and the sound quality is exceptional. The 172 is also quite good, I use it in a remote location and stream Tidal/Qobuz/Radio Paradise via Bluetooth.


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