No access to journalists picture thread

I suspect I know the reason…

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Yes it was getting rather untidy.

There were complaints. So, as per forum policy, it has been removed to an isolated place for review and any required editing.

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I’d be interested to know what form the complaints took…I’m not interested in who made the complaints, or about whom they were aimed at, just what the complaints were.

John, we have a policy never to publicly comment on the details of moderation matters.

Understood Richard.

Richard, you could do the same with the 2019 Systems Pics thread. Remove all the useless pictures of dream systems, reviewers gear, and the silly ranking.

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I for one don’t think they are useless, I think they are very interesting.

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I really enjoyed the thread too but I strongly suspect it’s been “isolated” because the complaints had more of a personal flavour rather than being about the content.

If that’s the case, I hope the member who caused the unrest is being dealt with too.

If it’s not the case then please ignore the above comment.


Haim, I try not to edit or remove anything unless it’s absolutely necessary due to a breach of forum AUP. Otherwise, where to draw the line?

Having contributed to the said thread, I did not see anything objectionable.

Is it something I said?:zipper_mouth_face:

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I did wonder whether there was an issue with copyright which had triggered this. Presumably Naim are hosting other people’s pictures where permission has not be sought?

Doubt it. You would need to pull all the pictures in the “what are you listening to now” thread if that were the case.

Richard, the complaints were from members?

Hey John, do you think the reason can me a post on the british queen ?

I don’t think so. The photos are from the public online sites i was referring.

i am quite sure the british queen ( one of my post directed to someone) is the reason. It seems to confirm what i said .

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Thanks John, i agree with you. Unfortunately, we can do nothing for that, like i tried to point.

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As predicted my post was hidden so my question is how can talking about what a member did be worse than what he actually did?

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John, if you have an issue with a member who you think has breached forum AUP then you can either flag the post or email me via Naim. Discussing publicly whether you feel a member has behaved in a way that you find disagreeable invites ad hominem comment, and could in itself be deemed an ad hominem attack on said member. These matters are best dealt with by moderators. That’s why we’re here.

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