No bass and small soundstage in listening spot

I was demoing PMC Twenty5.24i speakers when I noticed that there was a lack of bass, no matter how much I played around with positioning them back and forth. Then I noticed that a meter behind me (closer to the wall) there was a lot of bass + warmth and a huge soundstage. I then moved my head towards the listening position again and indeed the bass was gone again. Toeing in the speakers didn’t make any difference either so I thought this speaker wasn’t suitable for my space. However, I then placed back my Proac DT8’s and noticed the issue was still present. I just didn’t realise it before.
I attached some photo’s and a floorplan of the space.
Any advice on how to tackle this issue?
System: Supernait 3 + Hicap DR + ND5XS2 + WH Phantom + Proac DT8

P.S. The sub you see on the photo in the corner has been removed

Can you try moving your speakers closer together?
Just a thought.


Yes. Move then together more - although there could be many more factors at play. But, a good way to start.
Or just move the seating back towards the wall more to find a sweeter spot.

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I tried that also already but it didn’t help either.
The distance between speakers is now about 200 cm, the listening position is about 290cm from the front of the speakers.

I can’t move them much closer than that cause the TV cabinet is 180cm and I don’t want to place the speakers in front of the cabinet as that would look kind of ridiculous.

Have you tried toeing them in more and moving them just a tad more away from the wall. Aim the centre points at your head and then toe out towards straight from there.

Tried everything regarding positioning. Spent like 6 hours moving them in every direction and listing in every spot of the room. My girlfriend looked at me like a was a lunatic haha.

I had them against the wall up to 80 cm from the wall and toed in from 0 degrees up to like 75 degrees or something. Nothing helped.

I’d move the sofa back further I don’t like a gap behind my seats and you get a big new open space to boogie in.
Win Win :+1:t2:
Speakers are too far apart for that distance there will be a sound hole. :thinking:

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This might be an option but we like the path that it creates in this way to the study behind it. We could of course still get to the study if we move the sofa to the wall but since nothing is straight in this apartment the sofa would look strange if we place it in line with the TV. If you look at the floorplan you will see what I mean.

Your listening position is probably in a null point, so it looks like you need to move back towards the wall.


feng shui or crap sound. :thinking:
Moving the sofa back would look better IMO.
The doorway is still in a path.
Only suggestions you did ask but the solution is there. :+1:t2:

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In a typical UK living room the 25-24s would be considered quite large but in your room there a huge amount of air to move :astonished:

How nice the furniture layout looks and the best place for the speakers are not usually the same thing :wink:

Why about lengthways with say 2-2.5 meters between the speakers?

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Just a thought, double check they are in phase…sometimes happens in the heat of the moment


Not my system. :flushed:

Definitely and unfortunately yes.

What do you mean with that?

Sorry, still not used to the forum yet.

It’s a large and very nice room and should be possible to make it work.

I disagree with having to move the sofa up to the wall, it is good to have a meter behind to avoid early reflections from the back interfering. (And I get the walking path, I have it quite the same in my room, (click here for link) )

I also disagree that the speakers are too far apart, an equilateral triangle is just fine and if the room works well you can even have the speaker distance larger. I have 2.6 from speaker to listening position and 2.9 between speakers and there is most definitely no hole.

That said, clearly your listening position happens to be in a bass null, and there may be other issues, so something has to change. The asymmetrical walls of your room should be preferable and will help avoid excessive standing waves, but it can also make it less obvious to find a good positioning.

With bass issues, you have basically 3 options: Move speakers around, move listening position, move both. The listening position will be most important. As said, I totally would not move the sofa up to the back wall (try to keep at least 0.9 meters from listening position to back wall, which will give you more than 1.7 meter runtime difference of backwall reflection), but do try to move it a bit, between the “overblown bass” and “no bass” spots. Also try to move forward. And try different speaker distance from front wall, more or less, together with different sofa positions

If this does not help within the available space, it becomes more difficult because you may have to change more and I am not seeing too many options. But I doubt that this is the case. In this case (or in any, if you want) I would recommend a structured placement method. E.g. google for “The DIY Sumiko Master Speaker Setup Guide”. And/or check this thread:

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Just looked at your pic again and I don’t think lengthways is an option.

Oh I got it.
No it won’t be possible. Also the wall where the TV is now has separate audio groups and has PVC pipes for audio cable inside the wall so can’t really deviate from that layout.

Reverse the room side to side?

This will give you the possibility of maximising the width,with the walk through being in front of the speaker/TV position.


Would indeed have been a better layout now that you mention it. However I don’t have electricity on that side nor, coax or UTP connections on that side :frowning:

Also the TV can’t be wall mounted on this side because of the windows

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