No cover Art

Is anyone else having this issue with cover art for the radio HI Res folder and also within the folder after scrolling the artwork disappears ??? This only started 4 days ago? I have completed a reboot and a reset of my Atom without success. Not as serious as a reboot just irritating.

Yes. The icons occasionally seem to disappear.

And then the rp station on the left loses its icon.

Scroll up and down a couple of times, and it’s back.

@tomvamos Hi Tom, one for you perhaps?

Certainly curious. We’ll take a look.

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Any update on this? Seems it only happening to minimal users. Might be coincidence but seem to started with the vtuner update.

We think we’ve sorted it. There’s a beta being tested as we speak.

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Thanks for your prompt reply and the update :+1:

Just updated the app and the radio cover art sometimes missing has been resolved. Great job :clap: Still don’t have the icon for the Hidef folder but can live with this.

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