No freeview HD channels

About an hour ago we lost all our HD channels in Freeview without warning or post notification. Anyone else experiencing the same?

Mine’s working OK.
Could be the MUX on you local transmitter is having problems or maybe they have moved channels around.
Try a retune and see if that helps.

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Have returned but no joy, will try again later.


Just retuned again and everything has returned! So who knows why!

I’m not trying to teach granny to suck eggs but did you clear the tunings or did you overwrite.
The proper way to retune if you have issues is to retune without the signal/aerial lead being plugged in. The TV will not find any channels and this will clear all previous tunings setups. Then replace the signal lead and retune again, this will give you a complete ‘as new’ tuning setup.
Just out of interest, did you check with any of your neighbours to see if they had the same problem.

If you delve in to the Freeview website, there’s a link to the website for DigitalUk which profiles works on transmitters, broken down by area.

I had the same problem a few days ago. No HD channels late in the evening, but all ok the next day.

I have YouView, same thing as Freeview. It has lost HD on odd occasions & I found that a power cycle (a full switch off - not standby ‘off’) fixed it.

Thanks for the replies. It all came back later in the evening after another retune. I am aware of the concept of 'clearing the memory" which I picked up from the Freeview website last night.

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