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Dear All.
I get periodically frustrated with my NDX (2015 - the firmware is the latest available) which apparently out of the blue stops working whilst showing a “No Network” on its display. The network is there for all other devices, but the Naim App can’t find any “room”. I have been advised to switch everything off and switching the router, the network switch, the NAS and the NDX back on. It normally work but not this time.
I am so happy about the sound I get, but I cannot say the NDS has ever been that friendly with this user since 2015.
Can anyone help?
Kind regards

Are you using wired or WiFi?

I know it will come back up.
I just wish it was more stable than it usually is and I am wondering wether I am getting something wrong.

OK thanks. You’ll need to provide a few details about your network setup, saves loads of individual questions :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair to Naim they probably chose the network module based on SQ rather than robustness. I have a first gen streamer and have no issues over my wired connection.

You are right, I will let you know about the whole thing:

  • Linn Sondek, Akito, Denon DL103r, Lingo
  • NAC72, HiCap, NAP250 (all olive)
  • CD5x, Flatcap2x
  • NDX, QNAP TSx31, Minim Server, TP-Link network switch, TIM (Telecom Italia) Modem Router

When the network signal is lost, a veil is lifted and there is only inky blackness :slight_smile:


If you could temporarily run the NDX network cable straight to your router that would help eliminate the TP Link switch.

I have a 2014 NDX running latest 4.8 firmware, it’s wired via a Cisco network switch, plus Naim iOS app on an iPad.
I might get that same problem with events such as a new app revision or power cycle, but once it’s ‘found the room’ it does not come back.
I suspect it’s something in your tablet/phone app wireless signal, where is the wireless hub located, same room, is it in an open position & well off the floor etc?

The wireless hub is located in the same room.

Although I sold my NDX many moons ago, I did see this from time to time. I believed from my investigations it was the cause of a deadlock between the NDX and the DHCP server on your home network.
I found disconnecting and reconnecting the Ethernet lead from the NDX usually forced a new negotiation with the DHCP.

Unfortunately I found no work around other than to manually assign the ipv4 address on the NDX, which really is bad practice to do generally, but did get around my ‘no network’ issue. It was only certain DHCP server implementations that the NDX was sensitive too, but that is not really much help, as most people use the DHCP in their broadband router.

DHCP routines are sensitive to timings and other variabilities… although not unique to Naim, I noticed my first gen streamer was sensitive to vagaries from home network DHCP algorithms.

Fortunately I have seen no such issue with the current Naim streamers which have a more efficient and robust network hardware module.

BTW in my case, the message was slightly misleading, the NDX was connected to the network, it just did not have an ipv4 address (which is not the same thing)… but I guess the message was ‘consumer simplified’.

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Thank you for taking the time to provide your answer.
When I first bought my streamer the dealer who sold it to me advised to acquire some deeper knowledge on how the whole thing worked. After seven years I don’t seem to have found the time or the ability to accomplish that. Same with my laptop or smart phone after a longer time.

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