No power showing on Naim 5i

I was sorting out a speaker lead problem and had turned all my hi fi off at the mains, but now my 5i is not powering up. I am using the amp as a power amp at present and just pressed AV to play anything through it, but not it shows no light on input panel.

I have checked the fuse at the main plug insert into the amp, and checked the mains wiring and fuse in the mains lead and all show continuity from end to end.

You’ve checked the right things first. Next, check the fuse in the 5i itself - it’s in the plastic holder where the mains cable enters the amp.

If it’s melted, replacements are easily sourced.


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Think he’s done that already

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Ah, yes, I misread ‘main plug insert’. Apologies.


I already checked that as, on my post thanks as, has been spotted. I have now discovered that after removing the lid and checking internal wiring with a meter at switch that the mains cable itself is faulty. It had checked through on a meter several times but I feel that the insert plug has a fault. Now used another mains lead and I have the left speaker channel now with nothing coming out. Have checked speaker wires for continuity and checked left speaker on the right channel wiring and that’s fine. What can cause a channel to stop functioning please?

All fixed now. Tried another power amp and same result, and eventually discovered that channel one RCA input phono pug was faulty and now have everything working again :slight_smile:


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