No show

Well ive just got an email from What Hi Fi saying that the Bristol show 2021 is cancelled. Oh dear. Time to listen to Klaus schulze Cyborg pumping out of Neat acoustics Xplorers

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I’ll probably enjoy it more the next time its arranged. I’ve been many times in succession and it gets a bit boring. I think I go just in case I miss something new!

Yes your probably right. It’ll give me a break from hearing all that damn Jazz music everyone seems to be playing in most rooms. Heard a bit of Floyd and a bit of Jean Michel jarre. But that was about it.


I’ve never been to any hifi show, and that makes me glad, as I’d end up wishing I hadn’t!


I actually cant stand HiFi shows. Worst places to evaluate music replay. Exhibitors playing Brahms Third Racket on headache inducing systems whilst talking pseudo science and bllocks.
Boring “audiophiles” sat motionless staring into the space between a pair of speakers stroking their chins…
Funny true story, last time I went to a HiFi show I wandered into a dem room (brand I wont name no pun intended) and this guy pounced on me cranked up the amp and starting going “great sound eh” “whatcha think of the speakers?” "Dya like 10cc, dya know what it means? "It’s how much you can ejaculate! Haha! “Like the turntable”? "Pick a record go on…er no not that one! "Nah not that either its not a very good pressing…here listen to this…
I was looking non plussed so he asked what sort of system I had, I just replied Linn turntable, Naim amps and Speakers.
He mimed spitting on the floor and exclaimed "Oh! So you’re a F
cking Flat Earther then!
I found solace in the Naim room

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Hi yes I do agree HIFI shows only give you an insight into what’s available. The only way to evaluate summat is in your own home. Its just a day out really. But try saying that to the 1000s that flock to the Bristol show and the Munich for audiophile (such a horrible bloody name) your bang on .Still the most important thing is those 2 things we’ve got stuck on each side of our heads.

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Totally agree, I’m fortunate to have a long standing trusting relationship with a dealer who is always happy to loan me kit to try at home in my own time, often for a few weeks.

Me too I’ve stuck with the same dealer which shall remain Naimless (get it) in the Brummie area for years every time I upgrade always get a great deal.

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In the Custard Factory? I was born in Small Heath

Blue nose territory then .I’m in North Warwickshire

Sorry you’ve lost me there

Blue nose is a nickname for Birmingham City FC fans where Small Heath is.Think we all need a rest. Put on a bit of Floyd

Right. I’m not into football so that went over my head
…which bit?..Floyd Council? Eddie Floyd? Floyd Cramer? Floyd Tillman? Floyd Guitar Smith? Floyd Lloyd…

" Which one’s Pink? "

Pink?’ve got me there…Ah! Surely you mean Red!


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Sorry, can you repeat that?

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