No sound after rebuild

I have just disassembled my system (152xs/155xs/CD5xs/Project 2.9 turntable), built my new Quadraspire SVT stand and replaced the kit. However, I have no sound from either source. I suspect the 5 pin Snaic is to blame; it was too close to the wall and twisted, so much so that I can now see the coloured cables at one end going into the connector. All the boxes have power btw. Looks like a trip to my dealer is in order next weekend :frowning: unless I am missing something stupid.

It’s takes an awful lot to damage a snaic. They are pretty resilient. Are you sure all is correctly hooked up, no mute button depressed? How about the preamp inputs, do they need remapping to the source button?


That SNAIC doesn’t sound too good and sounds like it needs some TLC. I assume you mean the 4pin one that runs between 152 and 155 ? In addition to the comment in the post above, check you’ve not dislodged the link plugs on the 152. As it’s powered from the 155, both plugs should be in place.


Not sure what you mean by re-mapping. How does one do this please?

Are all the link plugs in place?

Have you tried the CD5xs through all inputs of the NAC?

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I agree with the link plug also. Be sure they are in tight.
Programming input buttons.

Did you reconnect the speakers?

(I’ve forgotten to do so in the past).

Speakers are definitely connected. Link plugs seem tight. I have not tried other inputs although TT gives no sound either. Will try to re-store the inputs later. The system was working fine an hour before I started the rebuild so I can only assume it is the cable. Are SNAICs repairable as they are quite expensive to replace?

A competent dealer should be able to fix the SNAIC if it’s just a broken connection. Even if this proves not to be the issue I’d still look at getting it checked out or replaced.

It’s certainly worth trying the CD player through the different inputs. Also check your CD player is still using the DIN output (your post a few weeks back). I take it that the 152 logo and buttons are lit when the 155 is powered up ?

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