No sound from 282+HiCap

I am trying to use 282 + Hi Cap wher Hi Cap’s out put goes to my non Naim power amp (using Din to RCA).

Even after trying all different combinations I could not get any sound.

Here is what I am doing -

  1. 282 has NAPSC added to it for display.
  2. The lower left socket of 282 is connected to the HICap right most socket.
  3. The Din to RAC from HiCap is added to the 2nd right socket in Hi Cap.
  4. The upper 2 sockets of 282 are covered with the link plug provided.
  5. The lower right socket of 282 is open (no cap)
  6. The NDX 2 is connected to Tuner of 282.
  7. The output in NDX 2 is selected to Din. Volume mode Fixed.
  8. The Mute button in 282 is not blinking.

NDX2 works great with my other preamplifier. So it is working fine.

Any idea what may be going wrong ?


With all these there is no out

From your description it sounds like it’s connected properly. Presumably you’ve checked that the mute is off and that tuner is selected? Just to be clear, the Hicap Socket 4 connects to the socket shown in the picture, with the paddle shaped link plug covering the top two sockets. Then Hicap socket 3 connects to your power amp. If it’s connected like this I suggest you take the din plug of the din to RCA apart and check which pins are connected. I have a feeling that’s it’s not wired correctly. It’s possibly a standard phono to din lead being used the wrong way round, rather than a bespoke Naim 4 pin din to phono lead.


U r right that I am using standard phono to Din. And thats what suspected the reason.

But then I tried the same one to connect my Nova to the same power amp. And that worked.


Very strange - I take it you have a genuine Naim Snaic5 connected between Hicap and 282 and the cable between NDX2 and 282 is the grey ‘lavender’ cable that comes with the NDX2 ?

I’d also suggest powering off the 282, check the link plug and other cables are properly in place and then power up again. NAPSC first and then Hicap.

Yes the cables between NDX2 to 282 & 282 to HiCAP are the proper Naim to Naim dins.

Also tried power cycle couple of times including the sequence of first NAPSC and then powering HiCap.


Ok… how do you connect to your other preamp with the NDX2, DIN or RCA out ?

My other preamp is McIntosh C2300. There I use a chord’s din to rca to connect NDX2’s DIN to RCA.

I am right not trying to demo 282 as a replacement of the current preamp.


Oh dear, I was pretty confident that it might be the cable. Have you tried connecting it to sockets 1 or 2 on the Hicap, just in case socket 3 has an issue. And the 282 mute is definitely off?

Yes tried other sockets of HiCap too. No luck.

This 282 is a refurbished unit. The Deal is suspecting may be 282 is having some issue.


Ok. Just to be sure, you’ve tried the other inputs other than tuner ?

Final thing, try with your DIN to RCA cable. Reassign the CD input on the 282 to use the RCA inputs instead - see section 10.2 and 11.1 of the user manual.

Just gave it a try now. Using NDX to 282 with Din to RCA and programming the RCA as input at 282.

No luck.


Ok that’s a shame. Running out of options here. One final thing - try resetting the 282 to factory default Just to get rid of any strange input assignments. See section 14.7 of the manual. If no success then it looks like it may be a dud as it seems like you have done everything else correctly.


PS - the paddle type link plug you have is this one

There is a shorter one which was for the CD5 (and would fit at an angle if plugged in to the 282 rather than covering the Upgrade 2 socket) just checking you’ve got the right one…

Yes. This is the one I am using to cover the upper two upgrade/link sockets in 282.

I also tried by setting the 282 to factory default (as in steps in section 14.7 of the manual). No luck.


It sounds like you tried everything so it’s time to go back to the dealer. Hope you get it fixed soon.

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