No sound from a 552

Yesterday morning I took my system apart in order to change the rack. I have put it back together now on the new rack and can get no sound from any source.

I have a 552 that I bought back end of last year, a 500DR bought start of this year.

I have triple checked connections but still no sound from turntable or HDX. All the green Naim lights are on, I can change source on the 552 and I have turned the mute on and off to check that but still no sound from any source.

Am I being a dimwit and missing something obvious ?

1- Have you put the signal cable to the 552PS? - I cannot remember what it’s called.

2- are you sure the XLRs on the 500 head are round the right way? – they are channel specific.

Perfect, I had the XLRs on the wrong side. I did not know they were different ( apart from the colours) I have learned something new today and back up and running.

Thanks very much !

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