No sound from HDMI input on Uniti Nova

Does anyone know how to sort my problem out, I have a Uniti Nove and a Samsung Q90r TV,
I can not get any sound from my TV through the HDMI cable, the HDMI from the Nova to the TV is in the HDMI ARC socket on the one connect box, I have checked the sound settings on the TV the HDMI cable is high speed with ethernet, it worked fine on my LG Oled TV

i have heard that samsung implementation of arc is not the best, mine wouldn’t work so went with optical…

Same here. Optical works best for me with Samsung tv.

Sometimes with the Uniti range and hdmi you have what others have called a false mute, where there is no sound. This sometimes happens with my Star and my Panasonic TV, I find pressing the mute button on/off sometimes clears this, if that fails, turning to another input and then back clears it. If both these fail, then going into standby and back on again usually clears it. That being said, I do have an optical connection to the TV as well and somedays resort to that rather than uplugging, leaving for a few mins and powering up which clears issue.

Hello when used optical with my LG TV I had sync issues, that was with a Superuniti though the Nova may be ok, I will buy a optical cable and try that, I can bluetooth the sound from the TV to the Nova, But it don’t sound great, thanks for the reply

Hi tried all what you have suggested, sometimes the sound from the HDMI input will break through, but only for a second or so, then no sound again, optical cable it will have to be
thanks for your reply

Thank you, will do that

For me 3.5 fixed this. (But did bring other issues)

I’m on 3.5 firmware, out of interest, what other issues?

Many people report random reboots. I’ve had one, but not while listening music.

With regards to the HDMI, my TV disconnects from the streamer after about 30s, and when I then reconnect it there’s a loud unpleasant noise. From that point on it just keeps working normally.

You’re not the first person to report here that HDMI ARC doesn’t work via a One Connect box, so perhaps there’s an issue there. Not that this helps when the box is your only option.
Optical seems to be a lot more reliable, and on the Nova it still gives you a lip sync adjustment, so I guess that’s probably your best option. You just miss out on the automatic input switching and volume control optons.

Hi thanks for your reply, its nice to know its not a fault on the Nova, its mainly to listen to music dad’s, which I only put on the blu Ray player occasionally, so having to switch input on Tv not a real hassle,

Don’t think I’ve had any of them problems, although the album artwork still sticks every now and then, so have to unplug then plug back in, quite a few problems for what is not a cheap purchase
Thanks for replying

Never used it on the Nova, but does your TV HDMI output 5.1 or something like this? I believe the Nova only accepts 2.0 like other stereo amps do with their HDMI inputs, if the output is 5.1 there is just silence. The TV should have an output option to choose

Thank you, but I’ve checked that, I appreciate your suggestion though

At least it’s narrowed down by one :slight_smile:

Hi folks, do you know what HDMI protocol version is the Nova compatible with? I cannot find this anywhere. Thanks,

It’s is HDMI ARC and will only work when connected to an HDMI ARC enabled HDMI socket on a suitable TV.

Ah ok, thanks Richard.

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