No sound from system

My system (cd555,552,500 all DR,Kudos 808) had been unplugged for the last 5 months.Now back from holiday (I know it’s a long one) connected all cables up,played a CD but no sound.
CD—all connections OK .Output selected to Din ( O ).
Pre-amp— Din plug goes to input 1,mute off.
Power amp Din/XLR,red goes to right and green to left,speakers cables OK.
Speakers—connection,polarity,jumper cables all OK.
P/S when I first switched system on I rotate volume knob (with a remote) from max.a few times (and that’s before power amp was switched on) to clean the contacts.It’s the first time such a thing has happen.All connections seem alright to me,so any help to bring sound back would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

After so long unpowered check whether the pre-amp has gone back to default settings. Default setting for Input 1 is no connection. Default for input 2 is CD (see the manual for the rest). Try plugging your CD player into input 2, and select CD - remember to make sure the pre-amp is off or muted when you plug and unplug though!

When viewed from the rear? If it’s red on the right from the front there’s your problem.

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Done that and to say I am over the moon is an under statement (it literally brought tears to my eyes) when I heard music appearing from the speakers.All is well now and thank you Richard so so much.


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