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I am fairly new to the Naim product line but am quite impressed with it. I started with a Mu-So and have been climbing the upgrade ladder for a few years now and today I finally added some new pieces to my system that I’ve wanted for a long time but ran into a problem for the first time…I have no sound.

My system specs are…

NAP 300-DR Amp
NAC 252 Pre-amp w/ SuperCap
NDX2 Network Player w/ XPS-DR power

All connection were done according to the connection guide and have been rechecked several times
All boxes light up and there is a signal to the speaker (faint hiss)
No source (internet radio or uPnP NAS sever) will produce any sound but all indicate they are playing.
The mute button is not switched on
The system is connected to my WIFI network
The NDX2 is connected to the CD input on the NAC 252 (per retailers recommendations)

Everything appears correct, all components are new and connections clean however there is no sound.

I have been following this forum for a couple of years now and found there to be some very smart and helpful people here so I’m hoping someone may be able to help with some ideas on what may be wrong and recommendations on how I can fix it

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Is the cd input on the 252 configured to din?


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Do you have the DIN-XLR leads on the NAP300 the correct way around - the red banded lead goes to the right channel (CH2).

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Are you going din or rca from the preamp ? It has to be set in the pre settings.

You can hear a hiss, so power amp working. Is there any change in dound at all winding volume control from zero to max? You may need to check close to a speakers. If no, then although I don’t know how much noise output to expect from the 252 I would say check the connections between pre and power. If yes (hiss or feint hum increasing with VC) then connection between pre and power amp would seem to be OK, when report back here.

I have confirmed the output settings on the Naim app as DIN…is the same setting setting required elsewhere?

Hi @Don_C

Reverse the XLR plugs at the head unit. As Richard mentions the cables are mono left/right but will both get a stereo signal from the 252.

Yes…the red lead is to CH2

Try connecting to a different input on the NAC252. Switch off before doing this to avoid nasty noises through the system.

I’m not sure what you mean by setting the din or rca in the pre settings…could you clarify that a bit?

Switching inputs to HDD made no difference…still plays but no sound

Connections are solid with no change in hissing sound as volume is increased

The 252 can be set for din or RCA input. Check in the manual how to switch between the two and make sure you have selected the correct one.

OK, then it’s time to switch off, and remake all connections double checking that they are correct. In particular pay attention to the Burndy connectors - make and re-make these a few times and ensure the locking collar clicks into place at the end.

Do you have another source you can try too? That way you can at least eliminate the NDX2 as the source of the problem.

No other source…I will reconnect everything again if all else fails

This happened to me with my 252 which arrived from a dealer this week - Silence on CD input. It’s the 252 you may need to reconfigure via the remote and front panel - not the app.

As below.

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Refer to page E6 here

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A couple of things. Any other sources you can use with the 252 to rule out the NDX2 ? Likewise, can you plug the NDX2 into another amp if you have one ?
I take it you have both the Burndy and Snaic5 connected between 252 and SC ?

No other source or amp and both cables are connected between 252 and SC

Ok - just wanted to check. I’d follow the input assignment instructions posted above then.