No "thud" noise when turning SN2 on

I upgraded my speakers. I was very careful to turn off my SN2 before switching out the speakers. When I turned on the SN2 with the new speakers, it did not make the turn on noise (like a thud sound) in the speakers.

Is this normal? With my older speakers, it would always make a noise when turned on. I am wondering if there is something wrong with the speakers, or my SN2. The speakers have only been playing 10 minutes, but seem lighter in the bass than at the store.

The new speakers are Totem Tribe Towers and only have a crossover on the tweeter.

If you’re getting any sound at all then you are probably OK. Does sound odd the turn on thud has gone though. Your new (I assume) speakers will obviously need some run in time then careful placement. Do you still have the old speakers? Quick check to see they still sound as they did will confirm all is well amp wise.

If the speakers are new compared to the demo set in the shop then you can expect to hear differences. My experience is mostly with Dynaudio, and they take many hours before the bass drivers loosen up and achieve full range sound. Also, the shape and size of your room and system set up can be different to the dealership.
Did you leave the SN2 off for a period of time when changing speakers? Or was it more of a quick swap and back on a couple of minutes later? I am not sure how important that is in your case, but when you are talking about the big power capacitors then you might be re-powering up from some kind of transient state. There are better experts than me on this forum who can explain if this might be the case.

I just realised my mistake. My old Nait 5i made a sound when turned on. I noticed the SN2 has some kind of a mute function when turned on, and doesn’t make any noise.

Anyway, all is well and the speakers are sounding great with a few hours of run in. Thanks all.

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