Node 2i + nDac vs ND5XS2

Yes, I tried analog and digital cables - compared both DACs.
The differences between these options are small.
The overall sonic signature of the Node 2i was worse than native Tidal.
I sent it back.

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JimDog, thanks for the info. I bought Node 2 only for Tidal as I have the old Uniti with no Tidal support.
Node over analogue output was really bad, whereas it was fairly good over digital out.
My plan is to upgrade to newer generation Naim streamer (possibly 272) and based on your experience, I won’t be needing Node anymore.

The 272 is an older gen streamer.
I now use MConnectHD app on an iPad to stream Tidal and Qobuz into the 272.
This is a good step up from native Tidal on the 272 for me.

If your Uniti is one of the very early models that can’t run Tidal, it would have been cheaper to get Naim to upgrade the streamer board than it would to buy a Node 2i. The same upgrade gives you 24/192 support, Spotify, multiroom and some iRadio improvements.

Yes, you are right, but I already bought Node and I was planning to upgrade the old streamer anyways.

In that case I would recommend bypassing the newer streaners and going straight to the current range. That gives you the option of Qobuz, which to me sounds better than Tidal, and is cheaper at the moment.

Again, your suggestion makes sense, but I have given up Qobuz because their limited availability by countries. You cannot even fool them using VPN software because they discover my “cheat” saying my credit card does match the country. The only option would be to open an account in USA, UK etc. Too much hassle for 5 dollars or pounds saving! Tidal was quite happy to accept my Paypal account.

Hi, that is the same case as mine. I created a new paypal account in the usa via vpn with local credit card. It works.

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It’s a pity if you can’t access Qobuz in your location. For me, it’s a sound quality decision, especially with the 24 bit material they provide.
In the UK, I notice Tidal have just hiked their price up to £26 a month, whereas Qobuz is £15.

I agree as a new owner of this combo. It’s fantastic and relatively (2nd hand nDAC